June 05, 2015

Why one lifelong Tim Horton's customer joined #BoycottTims

Brian LilleyArchive

I'm a Tim Hortons kind of guy.

I can take you to the first location in Hamilton, Ontario, remember eating donuts on the swivel stools there and have grown up with Timmy's my whole life.

But my daily Hortons buying habits are on hold as I boycott Timmy's over their Enbridge move.

I explain how Timmy's is forgetting where they come from -- the steel industry is a "dirty" one too -- and why you need to take a stand to correct this.

READ Brian Lilley's book CBC Exposed -- it's been called "the political book of the year.”

Tim Hortons has declared war on Canada’s energy industry.
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commented 2015-06-07 18:24:05 -0400
Tim’s corporate need to have a Canadian running customer policy, pretty obvious the mutt who reflexively jumped when non Canadian elitists complain about the industry that provides income for most of Timmy’s customer demographic. This shows they take their majority customer base for granted or they have no idea who the average TH customer is – in either case the shake up cause by a boycott will bring some needed change at corporate – if not, well no big loss, maybe it’s time for a Canadian company to do it all over again in the vacuum a failed Timmy’s leaves.
commented 2015-06-06 20:06:26 -0400
The OILERS Team and Media should remove they advertisement too by the TIM’s for now until Tims Management who did this will apologise to us (the consumers here in Alberta!!!!)….
commented 2015-06-06 16:47:45 -0400
I should emphasize that my reference below to the 50 Best Corporate Citizens list is in no way an endorsement of the list, the people behind it or the companies on the list. They are all no doubt charter members of the corporate “social responsibility” and “sustainability” clubs – scams promoted and used by leftists and climate radicals to intimidate capitalists.
commented 2015-06-06 16:30:17 -0400
Tim’s needs to be reminded that Enbridge is ranked 6th on the 2015 list of 50 Best Corporate Citizens in Canada (the #1 energy company). That’s the same list that ranks Tim Horton’s #1 overall. For Tim’s to throw a fellow “Best Corporate Citizen” under the bus for a bunch of foreign eco-loons (snots who are not Tim’s customers) is seriously messed up.
Timmy, get your head out of your **se, man up and tell the eco-bullies where to shove their threats!
commented 2015-06-06 03:49:34 -0400
Brian, I understand what you and Ezra are saying – I Shared my thoughts on Thursday. But, I’m sure that the Tim Horton’s Execs. caving to the Protesting Bullies is because they’re WEAK – not everyone is strong enough to stand up to the Bullies / Abusers – I understand that.

I’ve seen the Ads at my Local Tim’s and I had no problem with them. It’s sad that the TH Exec’s caved, but we should forward our Concerns to THEM.

Thanks for all yours, Ezra’s and the Rebel.Media Team’s Hard Work.
commented 2015-06-06 02:45:25 -0400
I always liked Timmy’s until now, but they’ve seen the last of me until they stop kowtowing to the pixie dust energy crowd and show support for Canada’s crucial petroleum industry. We need the energy independence it can give us when it’s piped across the country, and we also need the money from oil and natural gas exports for the social programs like health care and education that Canadians have come to rely on, especially with far left Ontario dragging us into ever deeper debt that we will never climb out of as a country unless we reap the income from oil and gas exports.
commented 2015-06-05 22:26:24 -0400
I see Ezra is hosing some rallies out west. Very local, but you have to start somewhere. How do we get the conversation started? Here’s an idea. Tee shirts that say boycott Timmy’s, or the like. Today I saw a little boy with a Tim Horton T on. Just one place to start a conversation with the disconnected public. Just a thought.
commented 2015-06-05 21:35:40 -0400
No coffee and Burger King will be a benefit anyway.
commented 2015-06-05 18:58:26 -0400
Sorry, Tim’s, I’ll be passing you by until this changes. McDonalds I guess.
commented 2015-06-05 17:56:09 -0400
Wow Shaun. Are you having trouble digesting the truth of the matter? Believe me, when I say this:
I’m a Timmies man myself, and I think they make a bad call by caving to FOREIGN influence. Granted, it’s a small thing to blow up on, but it is an issue you’d never of heard of otherwise. Here’s some advice for you kid. Don’t like the Rebels reporting? Don’t watch it. If you need a simpler explanation, I will be happy to get a speak and spell for you.
commented 2015-06-05 17:23:46 -0400
What do they expect when they attack our oil industry, and not any other countries? What a bunch of low class corporate hypocrites!
commented 2015-06-05 16:50:53 -0400
I’ve been boycotting Tim’s for years and didn’t even realize it……………..just don’t really like their over priced coffee. Now I really dislike Tim’s for their kowtowing to the PC idiots.
commented 2015-06-05 16:26:20 -0400
obviously a slow day at the Rebel ….get over it boys find a real story
commented 2015-06-05 15:17:54 -0400
I will tell the owner of my regular Timmies in Edmonton that the decision at HQ could affect his business due to the number of his customers who are Employed in the Petroleum Industry.
BTW The advertisements were nice positive messages that did not promote using more energy.