September 10, 2016

Why Phyllis Schlafly was more empowered than even Margaret Thatcher

Gavin McInnesArchive

The great conservative author and activist Phyllis Schlafly died last week. She was one of the most brilliant women of all time, so of course after she died, some bitchy, lonely feminists laughed about it on Twitter.


Meanwhile, Schlafly's accomplishments make these "feminists" look pathetic.

Phyllis Schlafly predicted and warned against many of the things we're dealing with today: gay marriage, unisex bathrooms, women in combat -- and of course, at the time, liberals made fun of her and called her crazy.

She was qualified to be a Harvard lawyer back in 1945 before the school took women. They were going to make an exception for her because she was too brilliant to pass up.

Instead, Schlafly focused on activism until her ovaries ripened, then she quickly settled down to create and shape the lives of six extraordinary children in Alton, Illinois.

Schlafly’s 1964 book "A Choice Not an Echo" made the case for Barry Goldwater, sold millions of copies, permanently changed the GOP, led to Ronald Reagan’s presidency, and is a big part of why we like Trump so much—he’s no echo.


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commented 2016-09-12 17:31:48 -0400
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commented 2016-09-11 14:06:18 -0400
“Bite us once, shame on the dog, bite us repeatedly, shame on us for allowing it. – Phyllis Schlafly.

Is it too late
commented 2016-09-10 23:19:12 -0400
She was indeed "brilliant’… But the “System” being what it is today, it may take years for that to be recognized… Just as it may take years for Obama to be exposed for who he really is/was…
commented 2016-09-10 18:26:32 -0400
Pyllis Schlafly was truly a great woman. A woman of intelligence, dignity, and moral courage.
She is to be honoured and loved and respected.
May she rest in peace after a life deedicated to the greatest values of human truth.
commented 2016-09-10 18:04:49 -0400
commented 2016-09-10 17:26:44 -0400
Love it love it thank you so much for making my day
commented 2016-09-10 17:13:31 -0400
Smart women are not appreciated by feminists.

Feminists would rather have a love in with islamics