October 11, 2016

Why the non-binding Paris climate treaty is “a bunch of nothing”

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Toronto Sun columnist Lorrie Goldstein has been covering the "climate change" beat for a long time. On my show, he explained to me why the highly touted Paris climate "treaty" is actually worthless, in practical terms.

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commented 2016-10-12 05:01:36 -0400
Now someone please explain this to our fearless spend crazy leader, Baby Doc Trudeau, before he spends us into oblivion or kills what remains of our economy.
commented 2016-10-11 20:21:37 -0400
Say it ain’t so. A bunch of nothing? Not at all. It’s the perfect excuse for elitists to party on the taxpayer dime!
commented 2016-10-11 16:37:12 -0400
This is a SCAM of Gorebull Proportions . . . I am all for eliminating particulate pollution . . .
But . . . CO2 is friggin plant food . . . if it doubled tomorrow only the Petunias would notice.

Butts’s Karbon Tax is going to cost every Canadian family 2 to 3 thousand a year . . . and drive out business and investment . . . the Lieberal way ! ! !
commented 2016-10-11 16:03:50 -0400
Trudeau and the left don’t care if the agreement or even if man made global warming is real, as long as they can have another tool to tax us.
commented 2016-10-11 15:13:49 -0400
Paris Treaty = Paris vacation for politicians living off taxpayers’ earnings.
commented 2016-10-11 14:36:52 -0400
We need more CO2 emissions, if CO2 indeed does cause anthropogenic global warming, because it is getting cold here! Could do with more AGW, please!

Even if CO2 does not cause AGW, the plants will love us for making more CO2 and in turn will gift us with oxygen! What a delightful symbiosis!

So, AGW and more oxygen,. a win/win!