November 15, 2015

"The false North, weak and enslaved": Why is more important than ever

Binks WebelfRebel Blogger

There never was a Time Of Pure Journalism, and as the 21st century schemes along, it’s clear there never will be.

In Canada, along with the Unelected Bureaucracy Party and the Robed Judicial Activist Front, is our collection of talking heads of the Unelected Media Party. A few journalists hidden in the mix – the rest are typists and hair for rent, expert at recycling the zeitgeist moment by moment. Journalling? Discerning? Warning & praising? Not so much, akshully.

Now, the collection of odd cats (including Binks) herded together by Ezra Levant and other survivors of the Sun TV wasteful experiment are no such thing as “objective”. But nobody really is. But we are now an important, honest, largely unpaid alternative for anyone seeking real news & opinion in Justinistan, along with expat Mark Steyn and a handful of others.

The alarm clock is ringing: Obamaland is a warning for what comes next in Canada. The false North weak and enslaved has just become Trudeaupistan 2.0— the train-wreck will unfold slowly, expensively, and with all the usual suspects behind the scenes (The Strongs a.k.a. Canada’s George Soros & family, the Liberal Establishment, former PM Bugsy Chretien, and Justin’s collection of fails and ideologues) imposing every new bad idea out there on Canadians as if we were a collection of lab rats in a box, and not a nation with a proud history, some good qualities, and a bunch of adults formerly in control.

It will be horrible, like watching someone you love being tortured to death… or watching the last 15 years in Ontario governance.

Use this. Let’s learn all the lessons, fight back, and hope for a better day on the other side of this four– or eight– year-long colonoscopy. It’s not all bad news, after all.

How much more important than ever is the Rebel Media idea: a Drudge Report Collective, if you will, with some folks with real media chops and political awareness, shining a spotlight on our new Glorious Leader and his court, as all the other unelected Parties in our land cover, fudge, lie, ignore, and describe in loving detail how very fine the new emperor’s new clothes are; how colourful, how finely sewn, how he wears them with class and– Oh!– that hair!

So tell your friends, your enemies, your family, your neighbours, and anybody who actually cares about “News news” as opposed to bulletins from the palace or puff pieces or The Crimes Of He-Devil-Man Harper, Part XXXIV— tell them about Rebel Media.

Conservative people of all stripes are still the majority in Canada, as in the U.S., but progressives like the Obama electoral crew and others who helped Justin Trudeau before, during, and likely after the 2015 watershed election know all about how to marginalize majorities, dividing and conquering, distraction, denial, dragging things out, hating on their enemies, being lawless, and waging unapologetic warfare on society as it is.

Thus, Trudeau 2.0 is very very far from harmless. The progressives are crusaders minus a cross or a Christ: without hope of heaven, they must make heaven on earth now, no matter the cost, the waste, or the sacrificial crushing of the lives & hopes of the little people, and especially their enemies. There are now going to be two classes of Canadian: the loyal ones, and the traitorous unbelievers. Watch for it.

I, for one, along with many millions of Canadians, and all the crew of over at Rebel Media, am proud to stand against the goody-filled tide of soft smiley-faced fascism which is sweeping the West, and now seriously engulfing Canada under the new regime of the smug doofus son of a devilish Communist wrecker.

I am proud to stand with those who love liberty under law, embracing neither anarchy or slavery, even if we face a long defeat in the current phase of the slow suicidal death of the West.

Or as Sir William Wallace learned it from his uncle in a different time of conflict and oppression:

Dico Tibi Verum,
Libertas Optima Rerum:
Nunquam Servili
Sub Nexu Vivito, Fili

“My Son, Freedom is best, I tell thee true, of all things to be won. Then never live within the Bond of Slavery.”

This is the Rebel Media‘s time. Let’s support them, as Canada’s actual free media.

And by the way, thank you Mr. Harper: in so many ways, you did us proud.


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commented 2015-11-24 11:12:49 -0500
This Mr.Binks,the treasonests are out in the open!
commented 2015-11-17 01:36:03 -0500
Mister Binks I don’t know if I ever read any of your material till now. What drew me to your article was the inverted Canadian Flag. Indeed a sign of serious duress for a country; and quite fitting I must say. On Nov 4th at or around 1200hrs EST I dropped my flag inverted it and let it fly for four days. On the following Sunday I changed it out for our ‘provincial’ one which I have flown ever since.

I had some complaints and even a neighbour stopped by and told me it was upside down and he would “appreciate it if I righted it”. See people are ignorant – they think it’s disrespecting… well anyway I loved this article (humour n’ all). I am a REBEL and was from the day I found out this existed. Oddly enough it was a link in a CBC comments section discussing the demise of SUN news (love the irony there).

I will sign up for a subscription as soon as its available (ROKU please). THANK YOU REBEL MEDIA, you guys lighten the darkness. I think this is way better than the SUN was (of which I could not get where I live anyway).

God bless you all.
commented 2015-11-16 22:04:04 -0500
Which three? I think it should be obvious. Here is a hint. They are not Ezra, Brian, Sheila, Lauren, Holly, Theo, Robson, or that guy that does the middle east news.
commented 2015-11-16 16:31:47 -0500
What I loved about SNN, is it brought us stories the regular boring chattering class media wouldn’t. Like the High River gun grab. Other media is just boring. I mean is there a difference between Global, CTV and CBC?
commented 2015-11-16 12:09:13 -0500
Yes the Rebel is more important than ever. I agree Harper did us proud and we will regret what the left did to win the election.
commented 2015-11-16 07:18:12 -0500
I absolutely agree, Binks!
commented 2015-11-16 03:28:33 -0500
Sam said, "But why the rebel insists on keeping those three imbeciles as rebel staff members still here is beyond me. "

What three are you referring to, Sam?
commented 2015-11-16 02:08:23 -0500
Right on Binks, whoever you might be.
commented 2015-11-16 01:58:35 -0500
I absolutely agree with the necessity to having a right wing alternative to the three canadian television channels.

But why the rebel insists on keeping those three imbeciles as rebel staff members still here is beyond me. They think they are funny and edgy, but only come off as being ignorant. Now I hear the dumbest of the three will be joining Ezra in Paris. Way to kill the credibility of this website.
commented 2015-11-16 01:34:05 -0500
Glad to see you as a regular Binkster and welcome aboard Canada’s only independent vox populi
commented 2015-11-16 00:50:35 -0500
They will always have my support when i can spare it, this is too important , especially at a time such as this. And sorry lefties but you cannot stop them from being on the internet LMAO. Of course the childish left had to get them off of TV as they cannot stand a true debate as they always lose.
commented 2015-11-15 22:55:10 -0500
I like where you are going with this, Binks