May 25, 2016

Why this old 30-second TV clip of Hillary means “Trump’s going to win”

Rebel Staff

I’ll show you an old, 30-second clip from U.S. network TV in the 1990s. It’s Hillary Clinton, lying to cover up for her husband Bill, then president.

Listen carefully.

In this clip, Hillary threatens any women who make accusations about Bill’s philandering:

If you dare come after my meal ticket, by telling the truth about my husband, I’ll destroy you.

That’s the same candidate in 2016 who is running for office as a feminist, claiming she’ll fight for women.

Except for Juanita Broaddrick, I guess. She has credibly and without any discernible collateral motive accused Bill Clinton of actual rape.

I bet you’ve never even heard her name. Because no Republican has had the guts to take on the Clintons before. But with his new campaign ad, in just twenty seconds, Donald Trump ended the twenty-year media embargo on that story.

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