March 20, 2017

Why Transgenderism is a Mental Disorder

Rebel Staff

I am a male, biologically speaking, but in the name of absurdity, I identified as a girl near the beginning of this sentence, then a boy near the end. Why? Because I feel like it. It’s called gender fluidity.

If a short person thinks they were tall, they're wrong. If a colourblind person thinks they can see colour, they're wrong. So when a male feels like they're female, and it's pretty clear that all empirical evidence concludes they're male, then they're wrong.

Sorry, it's just a fact.

We could talk about intersex people. Yes, a very small number of people, on the surface, blur the line between male and female. However, for the vast majority of people, it's clear that they're either male or female.

“But Jay,” a person would object, “gender and sex are two different things.” And my response to that is, it isn’t.

Gender is not something we cannot deduce or quantify. There’s a reason why the majority of people don’t identify as one of the over sixty genders that exist out there, from “two-spirited” to “genderqueer.”

Which leads me to the last, but perhaps, the most central point:

The way we’re deluding ourselves.

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commented 2017-03-22 03:38:21 -0400
Space Moose they are quite different. A gay man is still a man , same with a lesbian.
commented 2017-03-21 09:12:41 -0400
Allan Peterson – I agree, it is an assault on the family, and the family unit was established by God! By promoting gender fluidity, they are causing confusion, and a division between the child and parent. And the pervert education being promoted in our schools, and the results of the indoctrination, are now being kept from the parents, so that the parents aren’t able to provide the support their children need, to work through the evil they are being taught. I think people need to keep their kids at home, and not bother to send them to these mass indoctrination centers for government control. Otherwise society is doomed!
commented 2017-03-21 08:52:22 -0400
You’re right, in fact trying to make us believe what you are not is a mental disorder, in the past there were large houses called asylum where we put those people who thought they were another thing then what they really were,.
commented 2017-03-21 07:48:48 -0400
Jay, you need to widen your scope. Why leftism is a mental disorder. It truly is. They live in a make believe world where they are god and create it in their own image.

Deborah, it is also an attack on the family. Every socialist has the desire to destroy the family. Pol Pot is the perfect example of how he reordered society after his sick mind. Marriages were arranged by the state. Children were taken away from parents.

This is exactly what these lefty scum are trying to force on us in Canada. Heaven forbid that a social conservative should force his morality on us but it is fine and dandy when a lefty does it.

“Ten to fifteen families lived together with a chairman at the head of each group. All work decisions were made by the armed supervisors with no participation from the workers who were told, “Whether you live or die is not of great significance.” Every tenth day was a day of rest. There were also three days off during the Khmer New Year festival.

Throughout Cambodia, deadly purges were conducted to eliminate remnants of the “old society” – the educated, the wealthy, Buddhist monks, police, doctors, lawyers, teachers, and former government officials. Ex-soldiers were killed along with their wives and children. Anyone suspected of disloyalty to Pol Pot, including eventually many Khmer Rouge leaders, was shot or bludgeoned with an ax. “What is rotten must be removed,” a Khmer Rouge slogan proclaimed.

In the villages, unsupervised gatherings of more than two persons were forbidden. Young people were taken from their parents and placed in communals. They were later married in collective ceremonies involving hundreds of often-unwilling couples."
commented 2017-03-21 07:06:37 -0400
So now we can choose our sexuality or gender identity just like you can select your favourite treat out of a vending machine. It’s crazy . After reading some of the articles on the nurture vs. nature debate , I can only say that introducing this information to school age children is beyond dangerous, beyond insane.
commented 2017-03-21 03:01:24 -0400
So is homosexuality a mental disorder as well?
commented 2017-03-21 00:22:16 -0400
In short, it promotes lies as truth, to the point where anything goes, and you end up with nothingism. You cannot have order by promoting disorder, you end up with chaos. A society cannot function like that. The rioters at the universities and M-103 protests are a testament to that.

And of course, lies as truth is 100% consistent with lefty backwards-brain.

Good job Jay!1
commented 2017-03-20 23:15:14 -0400
ADAM ROCK commented 4 hours ago
So I’m assuming you think “Gayism” is a mental disorder then too?

Yeah, well, whatever it is you think the made-up word “Gayism” is, in fact, homosexuality is a mental disorder.
Just like gender dysphoria as it is listed in the DSM is a mental disorder – or transgenderism, as it is being soft-shoed to us…
Just like homosexuality was listed as a mental disorder until POLITICAL PRESSURE was brought to bear against the APA to force its removal as a mental disorder from the DSM – and now it’s called a sexual orientation.
Just like pedophilia is being transformed into a ‘sexual orientation’, from its current listing as a mental disorder….
Homosexuality is still a mental disorder!
…unless you’re some kind of lefty progressive, whatever.
commented 2017-03-20 22:26:38 -0400
Jay, gdogmatic leftism is a metal disorder identity obsessing is just a side symptom – chronic practice of leftist cultism leads to intellectual. moral, civil, and social degeneration of those it infects.
commented 2017-03-20 22:15:37 -0400
People who claim to be transgendered are sick. They need to be given tough kick in the head therapy to snap out of it. Or, better yet, just ignored…….unless they infringe upon democratic freedoms and the rational behaviour of others. Then they should be arrested, tried, and punished……imprisonment? No, too expensive. Put into foced labour…..hard labour.
Any further problems?…….mercy killing…….for their sake and the sake of a sane and moral society.
commented 2017-03-20 21:48:47 -0400
Basically Jay, you are saying that people need to deal with reality and stop living in their fantasy bubble and we as a society must stop catering to their fantasies.

I couldn’t agree more, Jay.
commented 2017-03-20 21:10:20 -0400
This gender fluidity is just another attack on God! God made male and female only, and anything else is an abomination.
commented 2017-03-20 19:30:17 -0400
I did one of the first photojournalism explorations of trans gendered people in Canada back in the mid 1970’s in Montreal.

John’s Hopkins institute has abandoned the program with good reason. It is the most dangerous elective surgury of any. It is like playing Russian roulette with three bullets in the cylinder. Besides, the lifestyle is not one that is likely to produce happiness.

On far too many occassions when interviewing these people I would hear them say …without being prompted….“mother wanted a girl”….causing me to conclude that it wasn’t even their own choice but rather a desparate attempt tp please a disappointed mother…and a form of child abuse with tragic consequence.

I do not advocate any sort of sanction or or negative consequence from society at large…as a buddhist I admonism the greatest of compassion your heart can muster. This is kharma I would not wish on anyone.

And I would say further that those I met were among the sweetest most harmless examples of humanity I ever met and in a way it is a shame that becoming a woman if you so choose is not really an acheivable goal.

On my table is a portable buddhist shrine dedicated to Quan Yin…the transgendered saint who is the one who hears prayers.
commented 2017-03-20 19:11:16 -0400
Great commentary Jay.
Reality based support and treatment for transgender people seems like wishful thinking at this point. Unfortunately, there seems to be a huge push for gender fluidity.
There are an increasing number of people who show no concern at all when they hear about gender reassignment surgery – they fully support a disordered brain making such a life changing decision.
I believe mutilation is mutilation, help the person who wants to travel this path and ask them to give reality based treatment an honest chance. It’s so very sad to think political correctness has infected the very profession that is tasked with trying to treat disordered individuals.
commented 2017-03-20 18:59:03 -0400
Gayism? What the hell is that?
commented 2017-03-20 18:43:04 -0400
It is honestly really quite sad and a very backward movement towards the irrational illogical kind of thinking free of any critical though process deigned specifically to come to the one desired conclusion. This way of thinking is synonymous with prescientific method times and exactly what Islamists use to justify barbaric doctrines. Creationists use the same tactics to claim they have proven Noah’s flood and earths mere 6000 years of age.
I am disappointed that in the name of political correctness a mental health problem is ignored and all the people suffering from it are not only denied the help they need but pushed deeper into there disorder and celebrated for it. A mental disorder that whether the person is accepted or not by family and friends, allowed to transmission or not has one of the highest suicide rate of any group. With no help to be found the inflicted do terrible irreversible life altering things like mutilating there genitalia etc things they would not have done or even thought about doing had they been in treated for the disorder they obviously suffer from.
We should be researching treatments and cures for this rather than encouraging sick people to cut of body parts…..
commented 2017-03-20 18:41:41 -0400
So I’m assuming you think “Gayism” is a mental disorder then too?
commented 2017-03-20 17:56:05 -0400
Yes JAY , why can’t men be men and women be woman ???? , as GOD intended !!
commented 2017-03-20 17:39:07 -0400
Great column Jay. Mental disorder right on the money. Naturally you are going to get a lot of nasty mail from the usual lefty idiots.