October 27, 2016

Why won’t government agencies answer GPS question about Peterborough plane crash?

Andrew LawtonRebel Commentator

It’s been more than two months since Mohammad Hassan Chaudhary crash landed a stolen plane in Peterborough, and we’re still waiting for answers.

Chaudhary stole the plane from a Markham airport, flying eastward, before the crash claimed his life near a Peterborough mall. RCMP officials said something they found in the wreckage led them to investigate it as a national security threat, before later saying such a threat didn’t exist.

We obtained investigative documents through Access to Information, which include an early investigative report by an official with the Transportation Safety Board of Canada, containing a curious detail.

“The aircraft was equipped with a (Bendix/King KLN 90B TSO) GPS, however the position of the ON/OFF switch could not be determined,” the report said. “The radios and GPS were left with the wreckage. We did not attempt to download data from the GPS or any other devices.”

The documents show that officials were trying to chart a course for the plane through radar and Google Earth, but didn’t immediately attempt to retrieve data from GPS, which may have shown precisely where Chaudhary was headed.

The subsequent paragraph of the report was redacted.

When asked for comment by The Rebel, a TSB spokesperson said “this has since changed,” but was unable to offer any further details as to when the data retrieval took place, or what data was recovered, saying that he couldn’t release information without the RCMP’s “consent.”

In response to my media query, the RCMP merely sent me a press release from Aug. 19 that did not address GPS data at all. A follow-up email was not immediately returned.

Parts of the TSB report were redacted—details regarding destination could be in those pages.

Even with mounting questions, answers have been hard to come by with this case.

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commented 2016-10-29 10:13:15 -0400
The explanation is simple: the decision not to go public or say much is based upon the pilot’s name. Mohammad Hassan Chaudhary

Wouldn’t want to be accused of going after Muslims, no matter what the crime.
commented 2016-10-28 06:57:17 -0400
Great Job Andrew!! Stay on it for us pls!
Any updates on the Muslim woman in London charged with assault and hate crime?
commented 2016-10-28 01:23:46 -0400
David Neumann the Rebel members get it, however even that explanation will not help the progressives figure it out.
commented 2016-10-28 01:18:06 -0400
It has been my position for decades that the RCMP is not a police force in the true meaning of the title. They are a government Coverup Agency, and what is funny about it is they aren’t very good at it. When they don’t come clean on issues we all know it, they are that stupid, that they think we are too stupid to realize that they are deceiving us. They have over time proven themselves, by their own actions to be, traitors to the public trust, poorly trained, incompetent, politically correct, staffed with violent sexual predators, criminals and rejects. In recent years the manner in which members of the force have conducted themselves would have put the rest of us behind bars. They are always secretive, refuse to release information that we as the public should be informed of and have trouble being truthful. They are not very good at investigations, the twenty year Air India fiasco comes to mind, they are certainly more willing to kill unarmed people than protect them from harm, like tasering an unarmed man to death at an airport, and some of their own get tragically killed due to inexperience and that poor training problem. I think it’s time for the RCMP to be disbanded and replaced by provincial services, but not hire the same dishonorable, untrustworthy, cowardly, lawbreaking type thieves, that they currently employ.
commented 2016-10-27 22:34:51 -0400
Just watched the Rotherham video. Amazing parallels here. The media and governments in collusion to hide the facts of the Muslim invasion.

Je Sui Charlie Martel.
commented 2016-10-27 20:30:27 -0400
Lugenpresse and lugengovernment collude to treat us like mushrooms: keep us in the dark and feed us BS. Wouldn’t want people to get the right idea after all. Fortunately we can see the truth through what is not said as clearly as through what is said.

Once again we see that Chaisson and Person, Kelly, Notley, and Nutall and the other usual suspects are correct. The Rebel is not a “real” news source. They do not do “real” journalism and they do not investigate anything meaningful. Most of all they do not parrot back to us what our betters want us to hear. If they were “real” they would be getting 1.5 Billion taxpayer dollars to indoctrinate the populace.
commented 2016-10-27 17:39:34 -0400
David Neumann… BINGO!
commented 2016-10-27 15:31:18 -0400
When governments can excessively delay or jack up the prices (like in Alberta) or simply deny freedom of information requests and the media are largely silent about it we no longer have a democracy. I’m just not sure if we are the first or last to realize it.
commented 2016-10-27 15:30:19 -0400
Look at a map.You can draw a straight line from Buttonville to Ottawa with Peterborough directly in the middle.The lack of disclosure by the RCMP tells me everything I need to know about this story.
commented 2016-10-27 14:57:45 -0400
The RCMP is proving time and again its incompetency.
commented 2016-10-27 14:20:17 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 32,059 Attacks, 204,339 Killed, 286,091 Injured that we know of