October 20, 2015

Why you should be worried: Who -- and what -- we lost last night

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

We've already discussed who "won" the election last night.

So who are the less obvious losers and which 'causes' or 'interests' lost?

It may not be a long list but it's a deep list that will negatively impact the general interests of a lot of Canadians.

Maybe there's nothing to worry about but if you're feeling pessimistic too, there's good reason to be.


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commented 2015-11-02 23:27:29 -0500
The dipper leader seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth – did he run off to his other country – france?

We could only hope
commented 2015-10-27 08:43:59 -0400
Nathan W commented
“You lost a tinpot dictator. …”

Such a shining example of polite discourse, not.
commented 2015-10-24 14:12:54 -0400
You lost a tinpot dictator. Find someone who respects polite discourse and has tolerance for other views and people, and maybe people will give the Conservatives a chance next time.
commented 2015-10-23 22:36:55 -0400
…. The voters in a democracy are always “right?” ….

That’ll be the day! The voters in a “democracy” are the mob — and for now, in Canada, the mob, rules.

The hapless poofter ran on a platform of promising the undeserving that which they did not earn. And he and his legalized thieves will confiscate the product of the lives’ energies of Canada’s most creative, innovative, productive and industrious and, less freight both ways to Ottawa and generous demurrage, will squander that on locking in the mob’s votes.

Until he and they run out of other peoples’ money.

Brian Richard Allen
commented 2015-10-23 14:01:33 -0400
The NDP. They got their electorate harvested by the Liberals. Mulcair should have been countering the strategy of the STOP HARPER crowd. He should have spent his showing how the Liberals share some of the same positions as the Conservatives. In hindsight I think I would have preferred an intelligent mature MAN such as Mulcair over a little boy.
commented 2015-10-22 23:43:57 -0400
All I hear is change! tell me what change did we need, Canada was the best Country to live in and raise a family, start a business, has the richest middle class, low taxes, low crime rate per capita, clean water/air,plenty of food, a good rep internationally, known as kind and generous a friend to all democracies, trust worthy and just ect so what change do we need?
commented 2015-10-22 22:02:48 -0400
In addition to Ezra’s comments on the losers. It is interesting that the western provinces who are the financial backbone of the country voted blue while the government takers (maritimes, Quebec, Ontario) voted red. We Albertans don’t deserve this. I would really like to see the west separate.
commented 2015-10-22 22:00:45 -0400
The 25,000 undocumented migrants (many of whom on the ticket that they may pass for a real Syrian) is my biggest concern. Most of them are undocumented and there is no possible way to properly screen them. I fear for the safety of female family members as rapes will increase. The other losses we could live with for another 4 years. The public safety threat he will impose on us will be here for generations and Trudeau and other elites be insulated from the realities of Canadian life with having body guards and living in secured gated communities. If things do get bad they will be the first to leave for safe havens. I will watch events carefully and for my family’s safety, a move to the United States may be necessary.
commented 2015-10-22 19:58:05 -0400
I am part the 61% who did not vote for this government.
commented 2015-10-22 14:16:06 -0400
I agree with everything you said , and I am afraid for the future freedom and security of Canada.
commented 2015-10-22 09:33:59 -0400
Fern Shuttleworth – I wish you were right about the 1-year term, but the forces of evil are now in charge in our country, and if you think those who stole power, assisted by our corrupt press, are going to give it back anytime soon, then I think that you are mistaken.
commented 2015-10-22 05:00:11 -0400
If you didn’t like PM Harper, wait till the

part-time drama teacher get sworn in!

You could always move to Cuba! He (JT)

will embarass Canada and the Liberal

party will wish they never heard that

haunting name “TRUDEAU”. His father

was a disgrace to Canada and so will

his son disgrace Canada! How does a

country fight “responsibly”. It is already

starting! Immature crap like this should

be thrown out of office! I predict

Trudeau will last maybe ONE year and

then get the heave!
commented 2015-10-22 01:31:22 -0400
Well you are going to get change when the change agent is an inexperienced, idiot, imbecile as PM. You will get a lot of change and it isn’t going to be good. Open your wallets, tax and spend times are back!
commented 2015-10-21 22:49:44 -0400
Thats your opinion.canadians are fed up with Harper. Can all the Canadians that voted liberal be wrong? I voted for Harper once, never again. We need change.
commented 2015-10-21 20:14:41 -0400
“Maybe Trudeau will the first PM impeached for treason.” Never happen. The Socialist Media and Lieberal Judiciary will line up to protect him…………..!
commented 2015-10-21 19:59:53 -0400
Trudeau doesn’t want to bomb “ISIL” and vows to keep supporting the “humanitarian aid” in the region… The half-assed efforts of ObaMao, Harper, and David Cameron and now Justin Trudeau, have been nothing but theater.

Russia is actually taking these CIA “moderate rebels” out now, like its supposed to be done. Israel continues to screw around in Syria and caught the attentions of Russian jets the other day.

There is no “change” for the better with Trudeau or Mulcair, “democracy” is non-existant, these elections offer the illusion of choice. For private interests do hold an excessive amount of power and influence the media, as well as elections. Economic depression and world war are upon us.

Politicians will not shame me about “refugees” or “xenophobia”, it was GOVERNMENT who created these problems over there, funding the caliphate for “democracy” and “Arab Spring”. We were opposed to it back then too, politicians and “liberal” media thought it was great.

If you politicians and media people wanna take “refugees” to your houses, tell them about how you like funding Al-Qaeda, how much you love dead Christians, you guys will get along right well.
commented 2015-10-21 18:39:42 -0400
Curious. The Conservatives loss only a small amount of the popular vote yet they lost so many seats. Perhaps it is time to consider representation by vote instead of currently using the first-past-the-post method.
commented 2015-10-21 18:16:44 -0400
Mark there has already been posters here suggesting the government should shut down “moronic” discourse. Why is it by the way Muslim hate speech is never investigated?
commented 2015-10-21 13:42:38 -0400

Show me where I said that I get my information from Jon Stewart, beyond being incredibly entertained by his comedic brilliance at bringing down Fox News and the like.

If you checked out the links I posted, then you would be know that it was fact checking that would prove Peter wrong and the exact reason why he would go missing, because you can’t fight the facts.
commented 2015-10-21 12:58:37 -0400
The best we can hope for is another “Paul Martin” to carry and do the heavy lifting.
commented 2015-10-21 12:45:36 -0400
Keith Barnes – I wonder who turns out the lights? Obama thinks he has North America nailed down for his Muslim brotherhood pals. But Obama, being the evil fool that he is, underestimates the will of the real Canadian people, because he’s a pompous ass, just like the newly elected man-child in Canada.
commented 2015-10-21 11:16:01 -0400
Obama and Trudeau will make a good couple. Now that Trudeau is also a Muslim, they will be in bed together, taking turns at to who is on top tonight. What a team.
Allah Akbar.
commented 2015-10-21 10:03:19 -0400
People didn’t vote for his agenda, they voted against Harper our of anger based on spin and lies. As he implements his agenda he will lose support but it will be slow since the media will prop him up and protect him.

What I expect: higher interest rates, lower dollar, higher unemployment, higher taxes, higher costs for energy, regional discord (West vs. East and Quebec vs the rest of Canada), job killing environmental regulations, abandoning our support or Israel, being played for a fool by other middle east countries, a loss of standing on the world stage, civil tensions over mass immigration, terrorists attacks on Canadian soil, widespread corruption, attacks on freedom of religion (but just for Christians), some form of gun control, and the CBC doing all it can to resurrect Trudeaumania.

I’m glad my Dad isn’t around any longer to see this. The first Trudeau got him riled up enough.
commented 2015-10-21 09:40:50 -0400
So, THIS is the new “time and space”, it’s starting to make sense, now. not rilly
commented 2015-10-21 09:20:59 -0400
Bravo. Thks for the link. But just stop and think about that for a second. We all understand that democracy lovers in China have to secret info out of the country, and face jail if caught. You now have the same in Germany! I don’t know what laws allow Merkel to do that, but this is huge in so many ways! The end of democracy in Germany, Europe and the west following close behind . . . ??
commented 2015-10-21 09:15:04 -0400
The Left have taken over much of Wikipedia, and will seek to do the same with Youtube. It’s time Ezra take the calls to “shut him up” a lot more seriously. Youtube has become the voice of Democracy and Free Speech, and Lefty’s don’t like that shit!!

Jimmy. Proof??? I’ve checked out the links you post. It’s only “proof” to a low information dim wit. You admitted in the past you got your information from John Stewart for Heaven’s sake, and didn’t even know enough to be embarrassed. The only “science” guy your into you posted, I checked out, and found stuff on his site you didn’t like too much did you? I wish I was as stupid as you Jimmy. I could go about my marry way, the country falling down around me and I’d be Happy!! Just bopping to my headphones in la la land. How I envy you! (ok not really lol)
commented 2015-10-21 08:52:03 -0400
Good point, BZ. TheRebel model is needed everywhere, not just Canada.
commented 2015-10-21 08:39:08 -0400
I suspect there will be an increase or broadening of the human rights commission mandate which will include persecution of negative commentary about minorities, especially Muslim minorities. The Left will embrace it as it will make them feel good about themselves because it will fit their narrative on diversity. Unfortunately, the same people I have read that said Harper reduced our freedoms are actually the ones who will say " ‘but’ this makes sense".