December 27, 2015

Wife says "NO SEX" to husband!

Rebel Staff

Cosmopolitan magazine recently published an essay by a 30-year-old mother saying she’s spent her life having sex "for the wrong reasons"—but she’s not taking it anymore.


We've got an exclusive interview with her husband to see how he feels about this revelation!


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commented 2015-12-31 12:05:54 -0500
Misty F., you’re correct in every word in your last comment.
commented 2015-12-29 00:23:34 -0500
Thank you for your post Michelle H. Maybe I was too hasty to judge some of the men here but like you said, I was right about that Ab Patriot considering his disgusting reply to me. I despise men who say things like putting women in their place, and he mentions surely and forcefully which means he approves of men using physical violence towards women. Men who physically harm women are actually the most cowardly and pathetic type of male that can exist. Why don’t these so called men make it an even match and go up against another man who is the same size that will actually hit back? And Ab patriot, I guess you would know about porn star names since no real woman would choose to be with a misogynistic Islam loving Neanderthal like you. Islam is for the most degenerated humans on the planet. Only the most evil men would follow this religion of sickness that believes women should be subjected to male violence and that homosexual men should be thrown from buildings. Did you also consider men who refuse to convert to Islam will have their head cut off? Maybe you don’t have to worry about it because you are already a Muslim?…… Lad Reme; I wasn’t referring to your comment but what you wrote about nailing women’s tongues to tables and raping them from behind was just too descriptive and upsetting which caused my stomach to churn since I’m well aware this is something that actually happens to Muslim women, but thank you for clearing up that it was not your intention to be offensive. In reply to Warren Perzel, the woman author you mentioned either has an extreme case of internal misogyny, or she wrote the book that way to appeal to misogynists in order to rake in the sales from them buying her book. Mind you this behavior isn’t exclusive to women, men also can be self loathing, or pretend to be to make money or for other personal gains. Any person who harbors such extreme and degrading beliefs of gender whether it be the opposite or their own, are very narcissistic and likely have a serious mental illness on top of it. Only they can have such hateful judgmental and degrading thoughts and beliefs of people who make up half of the world’s population, whether it be women or men who are being targeted by their disdain. The same can apply when it comes to prejudice towards the skin color of specific groups of people as well.
commented 2015-12-28 19:46:56 -0500
Misty Flower, I understand what you mean. I’ve seen some really sexist posts on this site which I try to ignore, but it can be frustrating. I hate when The Rebel posts stories about gender, race, or sexual orientation because it does tend to bring out the worst in people with certain mindsets. But I think most men who post here are not as sexist as you think, with the exception of this Ab Patriot guy who sounds like a MRA, (the male equivalent of extremist feminist.) In reality mature, emotionally stable men don’t consider bullying women and putting them in an imaginary place as men standing up for themselves. Women have as much right to decide and control their own lives and exist peacefully in this world as men do, and every logical minded person knows this to be true. Radical Islam’s barbaric ideology will not catch on in Western society with any educated, stable, healthy minded men. The sick and perverted beliefs of sharia law would only seem appealing to other psychotic rejects of society who likely will join ISIS just so they can feel they belong somewhere.

Lad Reme, I don’t think Misty realized you were talking about what happened to that poor girl. You’ve cleared up the misunderstanding in your other posts, and you’re right that this unfortunately does happen, and often the victims are very young girls. Makes me sick that there are monsters out there who can actually bring themselves to cause such pain and suffering to anyone, especially an innocent child.
commented 2015-12-28 18:17:45 -0500
I guess the wife didn’t realize that Hubby was a sheep farmer.
commented 2015-12-28 14:10:00 -0500
I understand what you are saying and mostly agree with you.

Muslims believe in Islam as a faith because they have had it forced down their throats at a very young age, something akin to brainwashing. They also believe that killing a Christian is the greatest honor of all. They glorify death and are not afraid of loosing their life’s in the name of Allah. This gives the courage on the battlefield and makes them brave fighters. Dogma.

The dogma runs deep, it is said that there are some Muslims who have memorized the Quran, in Arabic, from cover to cover but if you ask them what it means they cannot tell you because they do not speak Arabic.

Islam was converted to a Political Platform back in 1928, in Egypt. If I can find the article in Youtube, I will include it in a later comment.
commented 2015-12-28 13:09:51 -0500

Well, actually Islamism is a faith (as well as an ideology) because there is a theological rational for their beliefs and actions. What you see unfold right now in the Middle East, indeed the world over, has manifest itself throughout the history of Islam.

And as I said, say what you will about their actions, they show a resolve that is clearly not that of a coward. There is a determination and a certainty of resolve, as well as a rigid discipline, that you cannot find among today’s Western males. I can see it becoming a powerful influence, in time, and having an enormous impact.
commented 2015-12-28 12:18:20 -0500
Your Comment “I cannot think of a faith/ideology that demands that men not be cowards, frightened, pussies,” In my opinion, Islam is a Political Platform,not a faith. The Imams that brainwash Muslim children and teach them that there is no greater honor than being killed in battle against Christians, are the people responsible for this sickness, called Islam.
Make no mistake, they have one agenda and that is to take over the Western world. If this means the killing of all none Muslims, then so be it.

Do not respect them, remember that 80% Muslims (world wide) are Inbred, in other words, they are mentally unstable. Right now they are in the process of Hijrah, that is Jihad by immigration. When there are enough of them amongst us, this is when the killing will start.

Happy New Year.
commented 2015-12-28 11:33:48 -0500
Lad Reme – and I am certain that the cows would bellow, if they were anywhere near this fake leader. Even the animal kingdom knows we have an illegal sitting in the PM’s chair.
commented 2015-12-28 11:08:35 -0500
What leadership, are you are referring to PM Justin Jagger? He could not lead a cow to the Pasture.
commented 2015-12-28 10:57:01 -0500
If you are including me in your “sexist comments” I would point out during the well publicized kidnapping of 1400 young girls in the UK. One 14 year old girl did have her tongue nailed to a table and was raped multiple times. She was a fighter and would not hold still for her attackers. I am guilty of adding the “lol” on the end, this would have been better left out’
I did not intend to offend. The people that Trudeau has invited to our country, are no different, just wait until they are here in large enough numbers, to form gangs. This is when the trouble will start.
commented 2015-12-28 04:08:37 -0500

Sounds like a porn star name.

In any case, say what one will of the behaviour of Islamist men, there is clearly a resolve in their actions that would not be considered that of a coward. Indeed, to do that requires a fearlessness and determination that cannot be found in the Western male psyche today. By comparison, given the behaviour of the West’s leadership when confronted by such powerful resolve, that leadership becomes throughly pansified – limp-wristed, lisping, dainty, and indecisive. If women were to encounter such change in the Western male mindset, like that of Islamist men, they will be surely, and forcefully, put in their place. Men who stand up for themselves – what a concept.
commented 2015-12-28 03:44:34 -0500
Misty Flower If you would rather hear what a woman thinks of women, read Esther Villar’s book The Manipulated Man. It cleared up misogyny for me.
commented 2015-12-28 02:39:02 -0500
I have always voted for the Conservative party, but I never could consider myself a Conservative member due to the beliefs held by Conservative men like the ones on this site. But even though I know Christian Conservative men can be pretty sexist, the comments here are more primitive and more sickening than I thought the most sexist of them could be…. seemingly more on par with radical Islam. Unlike most Christian men, it seems the men here approve of the barbaric way Muslim men treat women and actually wish there weren’t laws to stop them from their desire to inflict the same heinous treatment on women here in Canada. Ab Patriot, you and the other males who post here seem to have a strong hatred for women that is frightening. Being a moral, decent, and civilized man should not be considered effeminate or cowardly. Every man in my life is strong and brave, yet are not afraid to express kindness and caring, and would never speak so maliciously about women or any other group of people. The ideology here is that of toxic masculinity which harms both women and men. Harboring a hate filled resentment for entire groups of people whether of the opposite sex or different skin color is the exact opposite of being a civilized and admirable person. Are there any women on this site? If so, why would you not speak out against these disgusting men who talk about women in such a vile way, and find pleasure describing violent acts done to women? Do these men not have women in their lives that they love and care about? Mothers? Daughters? Sisters? I’m likely not a feminist, but that doesn’t mean I don’t find misogyny revolting, and I will speak out against it like I would against any other hateful and irrational prejudice. Those who generalize and hate half of the world’s population obviously have psychiatric issues, and I’m happy that they are the minority, but it still troubles me that violence and serious harm done to women can be talked about so casually and seemingly looked favorably upon by any man living in a first world country who should know better. No one wants to see such negativity, especially such violent negativity, towards a group they happen to be a part of through no choice of their own.
commented 2015-12-28 00:07:47 -0500

It is for this reason alone that Islamists will enjoy considerable growth in the their popularity over the next few decades. I cannot think of a faith/ideology that demands that men not be cowards, frightened, pussies, effeminate or anything else that has infected Western male culture. It is for that reason alone that I see big things for Islamism.
commented 2015-12-27 23:36:21 -0500
The answer is, become a Muslim, then you can nail your Woman’s tongue to the dining table and take her from behind, maybe that should be in behind. lol
commented 2015-12-27 22:29:14 -0500
Find a good women and never marry her or live with her right away.
commented 2015-12-27 22:16:11 -0500
Does idiot wife realize that, although having sex is not a job requirement for her role as a wife, it is an expectation on the part of her husband; therefore, he can seek and annulment, or even secure reasonable grounds for divorce. Of course, this pussy-whipped husband is equally brainless and isn’t going to do anything about it. Women are parasites by instinct; but it’s the idiot men they marry who allow them to get away with it.

How many men marry without prenups? Pretty much all of them. That alone is proof of idiocy.
commented 2015-12-27 16:01:50 -0500
there is way more truth than fiction in this video. we are becoming a society overflowing with emasculated men and women that don’t care about anything else but themselves. apparently that is now trendy. what our society needs is more MGTOW to change the direction of men.
commented 2015-12-27 15:39:13 -0500
This is a joke, right?
commented 2015-12-27 15:10:11 -0500
technically that would be grounds for a divorce. but if it is fair…then it is also fair for me to cheat, withhold money, lie and be an all-around prick. balance in the universe is maintained. anyways, women are giving it away for free. god bless the patriarchy!
commented 2015-12-27 13:13:51 -0500
Banging hookers has it’s own risks. Maybe. Cheaper but far mire. dangerous even if you wear protection.
commented 2015-12-27 13:10:53 -0500
Atila I feel lucky to be alive after reading your post. Damn lucky! 😃
commented 2015-12-27 13:10:51 -0500
Bang hookers instead. You pay them, not for sex, but to leave quietly after YOU are done and they are much cheaper than wives.
commented 2015-12-27 12:27:17 -0500
commented 2015-12-27 11:04:17 -0500
Remember men. If a woman so as much as claims she said no with or without proof, you have raped her and you WILL get arrested and your life will be ruined even if it turns out to be a complete and utter lie. She has nothing to fear as she will never be charged with mischief, slander, libel etc. or otherwise held accountable for her actions.

This is the power women have been afforded by men over men. I call this the Family Roulette where the woman is given the gun with every other chamber loaded. And the kicker is, she gets to hold, control and pull the trigger of the gun if and when she feels like it. There is a 50/50 chance you will not survive going near a female. There was a time women used sex to seduce men or a means to get him to do things for her or get her things.

Today, the modern woman knows the mere allegation of unwanted sex will put her man in JAIL and ruin him! Any questions? Feminism social engineering. An utter failure that enables women to lord over men and children at will. The modern woman can dress as she wishes, vote, do or say anything she wants to, have babies killed legally, kill babies and children with minimal jail and have any male jailed if she wants it to be so. Heck she can even have a smoke in public as she smokes any man that gets in her path and dares to question her bahaviour. Those men are quickly dumped into the heap of misogyny and treated worse than the men who were once tarred and feathered, made to ride sitting on donkey backwards all through the town in shame.

Gentlemen, the progressive women of today. What a gem.
commented 2015-12-27 08:52:52 -0500
Jason and Matt – Cosmo is a good rag to wipe your butt with – does anyone really read it any more?
commented 2015-12-27 08:51:34 -0500
It is a good thing she is not married to an islamic.

Besides possibly having had her clitoris cut off (and much more in that nether region) at a young age after going through female genital mutilation she would…..

Well….. if she refuses to have sex with her husband…..

She would be beaten.

She would be raped.

She would be imprisoned in the house and not allowed to go anywhere that she wanted without a male escort.
She would be raped again.

And possibly she would be raped by others in the family after her husband invited them to help teach her a lesson.

And we are importing those low life welfare recipients into Canada at an alarming rate.

Women’s rights groups are cowardly feminazis – they only pick on the white guys – they do not have the gonads (sic) to pick on the islamic men – they know what would happen to them if the islamic male got hold of a few of them them.