May 04, 2015

Wildrose leader: "The PCs are almost non-existent in most places across Alberta"

Rebel Staff

On the eve of what could be a seismic shift in Alberta's political landscape, Wildrose leader Brian Jean says his party is the only one who can hold back the NDP tide.

Jean hosted a barbecue in Airdrie on the weekend and says polls are clear, barring a dramatic last minute change in voter sentiment, the NDP is poised to win big.

Most of those same polls suggest his party is running neck and neck with the NDP outside of Edmonton with the PCs running third and fading.

As a result, he says voters have only one choice, if they want to stop the NDP.

"The PCs are almost non-existent in most places across Alberta. They've fallen back and they've been devastated in this election and we don't think they're going to have any opportunity at all. We've seen from all the reports that the NDP has a good solid majority and the only party that's even close enough to do some damage to the NDP and in fact govern, is the Wildrose Party," says Jean.

In the last day before the vote, all the leaders are planning whistlestops across the province in a bid to garner last minute support before the vote, May 5th.

(PREVIOUSLY: Ezra Levant looks at the prospect of an NDP majority.)

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commented 2015-05-05 10:58:56 -0400
Good luck today Brian Jean, go get em.
commented 2015-05-04 23:27:31 -0400
@peter Netterville – You would be correct except for the Big Red Elephant in the room … The PC Party of Alberta has NO vestiges of Conservatism remaining in it’s entire Genome. Conservatives in Alberta are demoralized by the abdication of Conservative Principles and will change their vote. I hope many do not not vote NDP but many have lost jobs and hope the NDP will take better care of them than anyone … except they think, incorrectly, the money they paid will be be the money that supports them but any intelligent person knows that money was long since spent.
commented 2015-05-04 22:38:06 -0400
Has anyone else in Alberta noticed the smell of toast coming from the job posting boards? I’m glad I own with no mortgage and have some investments outside Alberta and some Outside Canada to continue living off of because I wouldn’t want to have all my eggs in the Alberta employment basket.
commented 2015-05-04 13:37:20 -0400
I’ve lived in Ontario all my life and well remember the five miserable years we had when the NDP became the governing party after 40 odd years of uninterrupted Tory rule. I truly hope the good people of Alberta will learn from the mistake of Ontario and not give power to the NDP, no matter how exasperated you are with the Progressive Conservative party. Whatever you do, vote for one or the other of the conservative parties! Don’t make the mistake of electing NDP, especially to a majority.

When Bob Rae’s NDP came into power, the country as a whole was just entering a recession but Ontario had a balanced budget (although the NDP claim we had a $5 billion deficit). Rae’s first budget put us into a $20 billion deficit; most of that money went to increasing welfare rates by 33% and giving the nurses (who must have supported the NDP via their union) a massive wage increase. If they spent a dime that actually helped the Ontario economy, I never heard about it: they did giveaways instead of building prosperity. The rest of the country was out of recession in just two years; we stayed in recession for the entire FIVE years that the NDP were in power.

Please, LEARN FROM ONTARIO’S MISTAKE and don’t vote for the NDP. They are not your friends and will not make Alberta a better place.
commented 2015-05-04 13:18:35 -0400
Hopefully PC supporters will wake up to vote for WildRose tomorrow. If not, PC voters will prove they are practically Red NDP supporters.
commented 2015-05-04 12:38:35 -0400
PETER NETTERVILLE said: “I cannot understand how a once conservative province and shift it vote so dramatically”

The female vote (and their white knights) – they love the nanny state.
commented 2015-05-04 11:43:38 -0400
I would certainly hope the PC’s can be wiped off the map, but I have a feeling a few too many will sneak in up the middle with three parties splitting the vote.
commented 2015-05-04 11:32:48 -0400
Great just what eastern Canada needs to gain respect for the provinces who are paying the bills these days – a 4 yr. term of these inept Dips will literally shut down the patch and consumer economy in AB as well as turn the transfer taps off to eastern Canada. Hard love all around for delusional lefty voters.
commented 2015-05-04 11:16:21 -0400
Please think twice. Alberta must get their Oil money rolling again or how else can Manitoba’s NDP keep spending money it does not have.
commented 2015-05-04 11:10:47 -0400
Don’t give up on a Wildrose win yet. Brian Jean is smarter than the PC and NDP thinks. It is a good strategy on Brian Jeans part. It ain’t over til its over. Polls have been off before.
commented 2015-05-04 11:10:05 -0400
Jim fkg Prentice to the rescue. LMFAO!!! Thanks for coming out Jimbo. Troodo may be hiring – troodo likes rejects.
commented 2015-05-04 09:42:15 -0400
Seems like a very quiet no nonsense type. The Wildrose has balanced demographic too. No experience? Not really a negative in this mess created by the incumbent party.
commented 2015-05-04 09:41:14 -0400
Well, I hope the polls about the NDP are wrong. I cannot understand how a once conservative province and shift it vote so dramatically. For one, Alberta has never been a province that swing votes like that and secondly being a conservative is something that is rooted deeply into the person, so changing so drastically would go against all one’s principles. It’ll be a sad day if the NDP win the election.

However, I really do appreciate that Brian Jean speaks it as he sees it. He says it looks like the NDP are headed for a government. It is nice the see a politician who tells the truth and is candid about the reality around him. That I like in Brian Jean.

Go WIldrose!
commented 2015-05-04 09:39:03 -0400
things have already slowed down out there in the oil business; apparently the people want the whole province to come to a grinding halt. Are these people that naive to think anything has changed since the NDP have ruined Winnipeg, NS, and Ontario?