December 21, 2016

Wilfrid Laurier University backs the politically correct horse

Brian LilleyArchive

In the ongoing saga of the university café closed, the manager fired over a joke, the Wilfrid Laurier University is showing that like their graduate students, they can’t take a joke and spend too much time in their ivory towers.

Universities can be a great thing, you can still – if you try – get a good education and a good job by getting a degree – or you can have your brain rotted.

And the longer you stay at university, say going for a masters degree or a PHd, the more your brain seems to rot.

Polling data seems to confirm the trend that people with post graduate degrees are more likely to support crazy political ideas – like socialism, government intervention in the economy, Hillary Clinton.

So I wasn’t surprised to hear that it was the graduate student association at Wilfrid Laurier University that shut down the Veritas Café over a joke job ad.

He got a ton of response from people wanting to work at the café and he got fired.

For making a joke. For using the word slave. For trying to inject humour into a help wanted ad.

Dosman’s job ad was a joke and tongue in cheek but the GSA administration took it literally.

Wilfrid Laurier University began its life as Waterloo Lutheran University – they stopped their affiliation with the church more than 40 years ago.

But I will bet you dollars to donuts that if the people that make up the GSA saw someone from a Lutheran church – or any church interpreting the bible as literally as they interpreted the job ad posted by Sandor Dosman, they would mock that person incessantly.

Yet here they are, the new fundamentalists.

The only good news in all of this is that Dosman has been flooded with job offers by people that know he was joking.

If you think all of this is crazy then sign and share our petition at telling the university and the GSA to learn how to take a joke.

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commented 2016-12-25 15:28:40 -0500
Good. I go to a restaurant and get insulted when my wallet is out… I expect someone to be fired. Do your job or lose it. Someone will always be willing to do a better job if you are dumb.
commented 2016-12-23 20:08:26 -0500
Over who says it’s over,Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor hell no and it’s not over now.Because when the going gets tough!!!!!!!!!! the tough gets going who’s with me.Sign the petition.
commented 2016-12-22 09:01:19 -0500
ALL university are run by MARXISTS.
commented 2016-12-22 08:54:37 -0500
It is the old joke come true:

“Someone was walking The hallways of an institution of lower learning, aka university, when he noticed an office door with the occupant’s name and the initials BS, MS, PhD. He asked what those initials stood for. Of course we all know BS when we see it. MS is more of of it. And PhD is piled higher and deeper!”

Yep, the joke has come true.
commented 2016-12-22 00:59:33 -0500
Well one day they will have their safe space because they will be joyless bitter shut ins.
commented 2016-12-21 20:04:37 -0500
They are educated beyond their level of intelligence and obviously the office of the President is one of them.
commented 2016-12-21 19:27:59 -0500
Private Conservative universitys, with the view of post grads to the USA
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