April 05, 2018

Will THIS cure Ethan Couch’s debilitating case of “Affluenza”?

David MenziesMission Specialist


The Ethan Couch story made worldwide headlines in 2013 when the then 16 year old dodged a deadly drunk driving charge thanks to his legal defence team arguing that he wasn’t responsible for his actions because he was infected with “affluenza”.

Affluenza is a made-up word to describe how someone raised in the lap of luxury would never develop the ability to distinguish right from wrong due to a pampered lifestyle.

After getting tanked up on about three times the legal limit of alcohol, Couch got behind the wheel of a pickup truck and caused an horrific accident resulting in four deaths and two serious injuries.

But, a psychologist testified that Couch was the victim here, due to that debilitating case of affluenza, and the spoiled bastard was given just ten years probation.

Precious Ethan would never have to spend a day in jail provided he followed his probation conditions, but it seems that bug is hard to shake and, as we saw once his helicopter mommy got involved to shield Ethan from the consequences of his actions, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

So how about some tough love instead? Maybe the only way to purge this awful affluenza from his system is to make him go cold-turkey by dispatching him to a destination known for its “Poverty-enza.” How about Haiti, Sudan or North Korea?

Maybe a decade or so in one of those shite-holes will eradicate the dreadful affluenza from his system once and for all.

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commented 2018-04-06 03:20:38 -0400
And people wonder why there are so many “lawyer jokes”?…
commented 2018-04-06 01:15:28 -0400
James Richardson yep, spoiled little POS!
commented 2018-04-05 18:51:03 -0400
The judge who accepted the “affluenza” defense needs his head examined.

James Richardson, ditto!
commented 2018-04-05 18:24:41 -0400
Just seeing that kid makes me want to punch him, his parents,the judge and his lawyer. I do not think he is remorseful whatsoever.
commented 2018-04-05 13:15:06 -0400
If the family is so rich that the kid can’t tell the difference between right and wrong, just take the cost of incarceration for both the mother and son out of their fortune, along with any other related costs. Just call it a charge for services rendered: therapy.
commented 2018-04-05 12:27:01 -0400
Unbelievable! The “white affluenza” agenda is promoted by the so called “professionals.” How pathetic. His privileged upbringing was able to provide his sorry butt with an expensive lawyer, and a shrink with no morals. An expensive game that someone from a lower standard of living wouldn’t have been able to afford. A snotty lawyer once told me that not everyone gets their day in court, and that is why they are allowed to charge criminal fees, so that they can keep us low lives out of the system.
commented 2018-04-05 11:35:01 -0400
“make him go cold-turkey by dispatching him to a destination known for its “Poverty-enza.” How about Haiti, Sudan or North Korea”.
Or save the taxpayers some cash for travel expenses and send him to the next up and coming Venezuela, Canada.