March 18, 2016

Will Vancouver become San Francisco North? Fixing BC’s “welfare refugee” problem

Christopher WilsonRebel Commentator

Recently, two men who were denied entry at a Saskatchewan homeless shelter were given one way bus tickets to Vancouver by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Social Services. 

Yes, a bureaucrat in Saskatchewan dumped a problem they didn’t want to deal with, on Vancouver.

As a lifelong resident of Vancouver, this doesn’t surprise me. For far too long Vancouver and Victoria have been the destination place of choice for “welfare refugees” from across the country.

Whether as a result of politicians like Ralph Klein who famously sent people out of Alberta with a one way ticket or because living on the streets in Vancouver is easier to do than almost every other Canadian city during winter, we risk becoming San Francisco north unless we start sending welfare claimants back where they came from.

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commented 2016-03-19 02:53:10 -0400
I never thought Saskatchewan would ever send people out to the west like that. Looks like the spirit of King Ralph lives through the Saskatchewan party. Now if only Manitoba can send all our welfare recipients to the west as well.
commented 2016-03-18 20:54:39 -0400
Peter Netterville Ralph was the best, wish he were still here and in the PM’s office.
commented 2016-03-18 20:12:23 -0400
ah, but the politicians (specially the NDP) want these people here – they enhance and enlarge their lucrative ‘Poverty Pimping’ industry – all fully funded Non-profits employing a lot of well paid Unionized workers – so far at least one of these Non-profits have been caught skimming off the top ! Check out Greg Renouf’s blog – he has a graph connecting all the dots between politicians and the industry.
commented 2016-03-18 16:13:37 -0400
The left need to keep their victims, in order to control the emotional messages, that they unleash on an unsuspecting public.
commented 2016-03-18 15:30:14 -0400
Funny this guy is 23 lived in BC for 15 years seems like BC was the one that shipped out their problem Sask just shipped it back and now they’re upset about it
commented 2016-03-18 14:27:19 -0400
“Ralph Klein who famously sent people out of Alberta”

Only those that were chronic welfare abusers when they were completely capable both mentally and physically to work but would not work. And for that I was proud of Ralph for doing.

Ralph Klein had no tolerance for those that did not need welfare and were completely capable of working but were too lazy to get a job. We need more politicians like that. Welfare should only be for the most needy, those that are physically and/or mentally incapable of working.

It is the socialists who gave Ralph a bad reputation for that.
commented 2016-03-18 13:58:31 -0400
Andy, I know you’re right about Victoria’s issue being worse. I wish I had made it out to see that camp at its worst. Whats shocking about both cities is the desire for many of these people to avoid shelters and stay on the street because thats what they prefer.
commented 2016-03-18 13:56:53 -0400
Glen Reid, I almost forgot about her. Precious little thing.
commented 2016-03-18 13:53:27 -0400
Maybe that Vancouver woman who wrote to Trudeau during the election, which the MSM could not get enough of. Remember the one who said she could not fly her Canadian flag anymore because of mean ol Harper, and she did not feel Canadian anymore. Well maybe she will take these men in, and provide for them. This will make you feel Canadian, actually helping fellow Canadians.
commented 2016-03-18 13:44:46 -0400
commented 2016-03-18 13:37:49 -0400
They should put the homeless into Hotels and pay for their food and give them Beer money. No! They would have to be Stinking Muslims to get that kind of treatment, I guess.
commented 2016-03-18 13:29:46 -0400
The guys are 21 and 23 yo. The shelter they were at for many months told them they had to leave due to financial restraints. The guys then asked for a ticket to Vancouver.

Yo, Vancouver, what’s your problem anyway, bro!? We just wanna chill, dude. You used to be chill too, man. Vancouver, dude, you’re a sellout, dude!
commented 2016-03-18 12:59:58 -0400
we had a chance to clean up the hippie problem but we didn’t act because of liberalism.
payback is a bitch!
commented 2016-03-18 12:52:16 -0400
Send them all out there as far as I care, let BC pay for them
commented 2016-03-18 12:41:53 -0400
Christopher… Good that you also mentioned Victoria…. On a per capita basis, I would say, is fast surpassing Vancouver for “knights of the open road”… Under the hapless Mayor Lisa Helps, the parks are full of these “homeless”, not only nights as first intended, but now nights and days and weeks and months… It is indeed a lifestyle… And the local news media are not helping the situation by giving teary-eyed coverage to every “camper”… It is obvious from this nightly coverage that indeed most of them should be able to work if they only got rid of their attitude that the world owes them food and shelter and toilet paper…
commented 2016-03-18 12:15:48 -0400
I think David Susuki has some room at his place.
commented 2016-03-18 12:09:18 -0400
Ah yes, send them to the land of fruits and nuts.