July 13, 2015

Will Wynne's Pan Am Games strip the humanity and rawness out of sport?

Joshua LiebleinRebel Blogger

Toronto’s Twitter crowd was more captivated this weekend by a #DeadRacoon than the exercise in forced positivity that is the Pan Am Games, which is consistent with the pictures of empty stadiums and media reports of unsold tickets that have been trickling out despite attempts to lecture and shame complainers into silence. 

I may be the least sporty person in the world- I cannot tell you the name of a single Toronto Maple Leafs player currently on the roster without looking it up - but I do know that once you strip sports of raw emotion and try to use it as a statement of how progressive you are, everyone stops caring.

Instead of actual sports, the organizers of these Games promoted HOV lane warnings and used a generic advertisement featuring the City of Toronto skyline and no one sport or athlete in particular. The mascot represents diversity and inclusion because he has rainbow quills and a visual impairment. They made sure there were aboriginal food trucks. They told everyone that the Games are carbon neutral. Then they almost set the CN Tower on fire and everyone forgot all about diversity and inclusion and rushed to take a selfie.

The last international sporting event in this great country of ours - the Vancouver Olympics - drew drama from the actual action and unscripted moments. I’m talking about Jon Montgomery walking tall through the Olympic village after winning the skeleton, swigging a pitcher of beer. Joanie Rochette skating her way to bronze with tears in her eyes, somehow finding the strength to carry on after learning her beloved mother had died. And of course, the gritty but ultimately game-winning goal in men’s hockey, signaled by Sidney Crosby’s frantic shriek of “Iggy!”

But this, of course, was Harper’s vulgar Olympics, where an impertinent effort to “Own The Podium” irritated the stuffy Brits and - say it with me now - damaged Canada’s international reputation. Wynne’s Pan Am Games will damage nobody’s reputation, least of all the people responsible for spending all this money to host what amounts to a Little League tournament where good teamwork is all that matters.

Come to think of it, the vanilla Games fit smoothly with the agenda of the left, which is to sanitize the heck out of everything, create “safe spaces” by removing all controversy and hurtful language, and where “sports” gets second billing in favour of “humanity, […] culture, courage, and excellence.” (That quote comes from a Pan Am Games press release which I cannot link to without their permission because they will sue me if I do.)

Social justice-minded politicians like Wynne can put all the lids they want on base human instinct and emotion, but that pot will always boil over. In a first world that does not know war as it has been fought throughout the ages, we comment on and retweet hockey fights on CBC, the lurid corruption scandals of FIFA, the outbursts of cheating and domestic abuse in the world of football, the gladiatorial intensity of UFC, and the reality blurring spectacle of the WWE.

As Wynne’s overly defensive lawsuit against Tim Hudak and her attempt to silence a mildly critical documentary about her demonstrate, the Liberal impulse to ban and regulate is rooted in a refusal to acknowledge the darker side of humanity. The left believes anything bad can be scrubbed away through re-education and shaming and other such “nurturing” practices, but sports are notoriously resistant - the CCCP loved hockey, Hugo Chavez played baseball, and Kim Jong Un became friends with Dennis Rodman.  

Can Kathleen Wynne’s attempt to neutralize sports succeed where they failed?


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commented 2015-07-14 23:43:02 -0400
Oh please -forgive me -- Take the Pan Am games and shove them up you ass. Did any sex changes take place? Hopefully, some other city—will play host next time.
commented 2015-07-14 09:17:45 -0400
Pan-Am games and HOV lanes – that’s how most are interpreting this sh*t show.

Drive through Oakville on the QEW – there’s TWO HOV FKG LANES and two traffic lanes. Engineered congestion. You get to spend MOAR time in your car than with your family – PIG WYNNE has ensured this.

Just when you thought these games were about competition – next move will be for PIG WYNNE to keep these HOV lanes in place – another economically crippling act.

Get ready for the 1930s depression folks and with jack-holes like PIG WYNNE, it’s going to be ugly ugly ugly.
commented 2015-07-14 08:38:43 -0400
Great essay by Joshua Leiblein.

One interesting point: Mr. Leiblien mentions that Pan Am critics are being subject to “attempts to lecture” them into “silence”. He provides a link to a Toronto Star op-ed essay, written by one Fred Luk. It so happens that Mr. Luk owns two downtown restaurants, so he stands to profit from the money-wasting Pan Ams. As well, Fred Luk, according to Elections Canada records, donated $210 (on May 25, 2013) and $1,630 (on November 23, 2005) to the Trinity-Spadina federal NDP riding association. So Mr. Luk seems well heeled, and will do well profiting from these games. — David Murrell, Fredericton,NB dmurrell@unb.ca
commented 2015-07-13 20:44:43 -0400
These Pan Am Games have to be the most under-reported “major sporting event” in my life time. I know it is being covered on TV, but not by major networks. Nobody seems to care! I know I don’t. It never used to be that way 40 or 50 years ago. I mean they certainly weren’t on par with the Olympics, but they did stimulate some interest in the average north American sports fan. Not anymore, it seems. The fact that they are being held in Toronto, and being hyped the way they are, actually seems to cause embarrassment to the average Torontonian. Of course, when Kathleen Wynne and John Torrey finish putting their spin on the Games, they will have been a complete success.
commented 2015-07-13 17:01:04 -0400
Political correctness strips the humanity and rawness out of everything! Let them ruin the Pan Am Games if they want; no sports fan cares about them anyway. They are third-tier at best, far behind Olympics and Worlds. Maybe that’s why Libs love them…