April 26, 2019

BREAKING: Winnipeg “hate crime” hoax cafe shuts down

Keean BexteRebel Contributor

The devout Jewish owners of the local BerMax bistro in Winnipeg, Manitoba, claimed last week that they were the targets of a hate crime.

The mother claimed she'd been attacked from behind, until she passed out. Following that, a swastika and the word “Jew” was spray painted in black on the wall.

Local reporters at TheJ.ca quickly noted some inconsistencies in the story, however:

First about the timeline, and second about the facts.

This incident went from being labeled one of the worst hate crimes in Winnipeg's history, to the police charging cafe owners themselves with “mischief”. (It's important to note that the family denies staging the crime.)

This morning, workmen came to remove the signage outside the cafe.

The BerMax is now closing its doors.

I flew out to Winnipeg to cover this story, because it's important to find out what really happened. 

Staged hate crimes are a serious epidemic that breed distrust, waste police resources, actually increase bigotry against certain groups — the list goes on.

We need to expose fake hate crimes no matter who perpetrates them. 

PS: My reporting in Winnipeg is part of my ongoing investigations across Canada and even farther afield.

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commented 2019-04-26 20:29:06 -0400
And these folks have added to the background noise, which puts actual victims in jeopardy through skepticism.
commented 2019-04-26 18:31:04 -0400
I am glad the truth came out. People really need to be charged for these hoaxes and I mean more than a mischief charge. How can the family still be hanging onto a lie, just like Smollett? Is there proof or not and if there is proof then charge them so they can’t continue to deny it. Damage continues to be done if there is a shadow of a doubt about what happened because they persist in denying it. Canadians deserve closure regarding these crimes.
commented 2019-04-26 17:36:40 -0400
The one thing that never made any sense, was with Winnipeg’s large Jewish community and all the other Jewish business’s that have been in this area for years. It was only this business being repeatably attacked?
commented 2019-04-26 16:49:24 -0400
All sorts of funny things can happen when the quest for recognition turns to victimhood.