August 10, 2017

With Fildebrandt out, United Conservatives leadership race down to Kenney, Jean

Holly NicholasRebel Commentator

Derek Fildebrandt is out, so what does that mean for the United Conservative leadership race?

We’re left with three contenders: Brian Jean, Jason Kenney and Calgary lawyer Doug Schweitzer. Schweitzer is more like Alison Redford 2.0, so we all know that the contest will be between Jean and Kenney.

Could Fildebrandt have won? Maybe he could have taken votes from Brian Jean, but Kenney is going to be a real force to be reckoned with. He has a well oiled political machine behind him, he is very experienced and knows how to handle tough situations.

However, Kenney really doesn’t have any policy plans at all.

Meanwhile, Jean is laying out some really great policy plans and since I last updated you, he has promised recall legislation, a ban the use of union dues for political reasons and protection for free speech on campus.

If Jean wants to win this, he’s going to have to offer conservatives something different, but that’s going to be tough now that he’s played the “we need to move to the centre” card.

The one thing I just can’t shake about both Jason and Jean is that they called people out for chanting “lock her up” at a rally, an issue that was overblown.

Views on this race are shifting almost daily, which just goes to show that it’s too early for people to decide.

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commented 2017-08-12 12:10:41 -0400
Ron Voss—said to Deborah, " Immigration is largely a Federal matter."
Yes Ron, that is the way it is supposed to work, but these days Federal Immigration Ministers bring in too many Refugees in order to look good for their Globalists Masters. To disperse them, they offer Premiers (usually Premiers of poor Provinces like Manitoba or Atlantic Provinces) cash or more Health Care money etc..
They copied Obama who brought in hundreds of thousands of Somalia people and bribed the POS Governor of Minnesota to take them in without asking the people. Manitoba will end up with many of these people because Pallister has been bribed by Trudeau and therefore will not build a fence.
commented 2017-08-12 07:22:15 -0400
Name calling and insults now… Why am I not surprised Don’t hold back Ron… Tell me how you really feel..
Henceforth… !?? Lol.. Don’t worry about my real name Ron this is just a website blog..
commented 2017-08-12 00:07:28 -0400
FLAT EARTH commented, ’You’re not really sorry Ron that was a Freudian slip." ?? Communicating with you is like trying to communicate with one of the trolls. Henceforth, I no longer wish to engage with you who even is not brave enough to use his real name.
commented 2017-08-11 21:44:09 -0400
Elton… We agree… But it is true that some just have more backbone than others while others scold and chastise the people there to support them while exercising a God-given right to criticize our displeasure with any government and not be condemned by the leader of the party for it… Hence the term invertebrate because the only people he stands up to use the people that vote for.
commented 2017-08-11 20:58:11 -0400
Ron Voss – sorry, no offence intended. My comment was directed towards Ron Joseph’s comment if that is what you were referring to. Believe me, I can’t imagine any conservative politicians in this country at the present time who would qualify as anything close to me to consider a hero.
commented 2017-08-11 19:29:37 -0400
You’re not really sorry Ron that was a Freudian slip.
commented 2017-08-11 18:38:01 -0400
DEBORAH GRAUPNER, while I like you “have the same misgivings about Kenny with respect to immigration”, immigration is largely a federal matter.
commented 2017-08-11 17:41:34 -0400
I don’t know anything about Doug Schweitzer, except that he’s a lawyer. My personal dealings with lawyers leaves a bitter taste.
I have the same misgivings about Kenny with respect to immigration. We need a Ralph, and it looks like our choices are on side with Ed Stelmach.
commented 2017-08-11 16:33:58 -0400
Sorry my comment was meant for Flat Earth.
commented 2017-08-11 16:30:08 -0400
ELTON BRAUN please don’t presume who my hero is as I regard neither as my hero especially nor Jean unlike your clear hero Fildebrandt.
commented 2017-08-11 15:30:01 -0400
David White—-“Whoever we choose we have to stay on top of them.”

David, once they are in, they do what they want, or what their Globalists leaders want.
ROY ELSWORTH—you should go back to my post and watch the 3 min. video. Kenney had tears in his eyes praising Trudeau on his speech regarding the 6 slain Muslims. Neither Kenney or Trudeau ever mentioned the 215,000 innocent people murdered by Muslims since 9/11.
Another thing that scares me about Kenney is I read a post on another site, from a truthful commenter that Kenney actually brought in not thousands of Refugees, but 1 million under the table, when he worked for Harper. This would coincide with the large number of Muslims in the Trudeau Government (12), compared to their small Canadian population. Even if this is only half accurate, do you want your cities looking like Montreal? Montreal Taxpayers are going crazy.
commented 2017-08-11 13:59:57 -0400
David White-very well said. These types of incidents like ‘the chant’ are absolutely great at bringing out the true colours (mostly red) of our alleged conservative politicians. Obviously blue Tories are pretty much extinct.
commented 2017-08-11 13:31:00 -0400
Canada is lost if the best that can be expected is a socialist CINO government in Alberta, that is if Jihadi Justin doesn’t destroy it first!
I think the latter is more likely!
commented 2017-08-11 11:36:28 -0400
One final note. As I stated I was at the rally, and it appears I and maybe one other know the history behind the chant, contrary to all the chirping as to what happened. Close to where I was standing a conversation was underway with some of the crowd about a certain politician UNRELATED to the speech coming from the steps. It was some sleazy thing one of the lefty politicians had said along the way and someone said lock her up. The timing was perfect for whoever was ranting on the legislature steps, Rachael’s name came out at almost the same time, and the whole thing mushroomed into “THE CHANT”. Had the conversation in the crowd not happened, the chant may not have either. Total coincidence. What was revealed though, was the POLITICALLY CORRECT knee jerk response of the talking heads, Ambrose, Jean, Kenny and the others. I LOST A LOT OF RESPECT FOR THE LOT OF THEM….it seems like liberal lite might be the best we can expect.
commented 2017-08-11 11:22:31 -0400
Obviously Derrick made a mistake, but he did not break any law. Although it would be hard for him to go after the leadership at this time, it would be a shame to cast him aside as he is a TRUE conservative and to me has a LOT to offer. He was also about the only one who stood up to that fucking witch from Ontario when she sullied our legislature, and of course devil incarnate Notley beaked off incessantly about that and in my books Derrick won the day. Of course Brian Jean was right there chastising and suspending Derrick. I was lucky enough to talk to Jean for several minutes at the first carbon tax rally, and I reveled in the opportunity, but drove home scratching my head. To long to detail, but I have been grinding over it for the last several months. He has flip flopped on carbon tax and climate, as well as other topics. Squishy at times. Opportunistic might be the word….better not be at our expense. I also have my concerns about Kenny…he almost exhibits a globalist tendency and I’m not a fan of his immigration stance. Whoever we choose, we just have to stay on top of them and call them out every time it deems necessary. In the end, my dead cat would be better than Notley, so let’s forge ahead and make sure we hold their feet to the fire.
commented 2017-08-11 11:05:52 -0400
I was there too.
Lock her up.
Very bad judgment to make a few extra bucks and give the ammunition to the opposition.
commented 2017-08-11 09:48:17 -0400
I don’t particularly care for Brian or Jason, since they insulted the people who were protesting against the Marxist regime of Notley and her babies. They should have backed the protestors, not scolded them. These people had a point and they are conservative voters. I like Jason’s style compared to Brian’s, so I would go with him. I think Derek would have been an easy target, based on his huge error in judgement, of renting out his tax payer paid apartment. What the heck was he thinking?
commented 2017-08-11 09:31:13 -0400
Well I can only say I hope for the best for Albertans and by extension Canada. As for me and much of Saskatchewan, our hearts are broken today.
commented 2017-08-11 06:31:06 -0400
Ron, do you seriously think Brian Jean won’t capitulate to the Muslims any less than Kenny? Either way we’ll have to hold our noses and hope and pray for a real conservative to come along.
commented 2017-08-11 01:38:30 -0400
ron whats wrong with kenny he was part of the refrom party and the Canadian alliance so he is no centre right he is right but not alt right
commented 2017-08-11 01:38:30 -0400
ron whats wrong with kenny he was part of the refrom party and the Canadian alliance so he is no centre right he is right but not alt right
commented 2017-08-11 01:27:35 -0400
Ron.. Unfortunately you are correct..
I will force myself to swallow the bile in my throat and mark the X on the paper that entitles the invertebrate to the position.. If he ever gets criticized publicly and responds to his voters the way he reacted when we were criticizing the NDP on that cold winter afternoon while supporting him and his party I’m sure there will be consequences..
This is a case where I hope that the medicine isn’t worse than the disease.!!
commented 2017-08-11 01:03:10 -0400
Brad wall= No carbon tax provincially or federaly..
Say what you like about Brad wall he was well liked and respected and the people are going to miss him because the next one they get it aint going to be Brad wall and like every other provincial premier he’ll drop down on his/her knees to ensure his/her place at the trough when the Lil spud comes calling for his due.
commented 2017-08-11 00:44:10 -0400
Yep you’re right Ron voss… It was the best thing for his family.!!
As far as the conspiracy theory goes it’s not a theory anymore as the globalists are making their play right in front of us, but if you were to remove both your hands from in front of your eyes you might see that and you might understand that the game of politics is sometimes played with terminal conclusions.
Too bad your hero Brian Jean is such an invertebrate and the only people that he can talk tough to is the people that came to support him on that cold wintery day.. and your other hero Jayson Kenny is going to grow as 5th chin at my expense and he’s unreliable and opportunistic…
commented 2017-08-11 00:17:02 -0400
I would have voted for Fildebrandt but it’s just as well he bowed out because he just got busted for renting out his taxpayer funded Edmonton apartment. He screwed up big time with that one and we’ll never hear the end of it.
This obsession alleged conservative politicians have with always wandering to the left makes me really nervous. Especially Brian Jean. What we’re really missing here is a Brad Wall type who refuses to appease and apologize to the left and who preferably runs on a platform of western Canadian separation. Well I can always still dream
commented 2017-08-11 00:01:35 -0400
Talk about conspiracy theorists “Brad wall was a great politician and a good leader who would’ve held that position for as long as he wanted it but when the powerbrokers have the final say everybody clears a path for them.” Announcing his resignation, Wall announced he thought it best for his family, his province and his party. With respect to the latter, this is his third term as premier and understands that if the Saskatchewan party hopes to get re-elected, they would need a fresh new leader. Something by the way that Harper should have done. Get over it, Fildebrandt isn’t seeking the leadership at this time.
commented 2017-08-10 23:09:21 -0400
And anybody who thinks that professional or career politicians work for us is A FUCKING MORON.!!!!
Anytime a decent person man or woman gets involved in politics and begins to develop a following which is growing and may swing the pendulum back the other way…
“they get the memo” and then one of the two things happen… Either they cease to be decent and follow the status quo for outrageous money and lifestyle or they have an unfortunate life-changing incident.!!
Anybody that believes anything different than what is stated above in this comment has been kidding themselves about the nature of people, as it is far better to believe a sweet lie than a sour Truth.
commented 2017-08-10 22:57:21 -0400
Bill Elder.. You are correct… There is much more here than what meets the eye.
The status quo has the three people that they want running and any of those three would be glad to deliver what the party wants..
Brian Jean is an invertebrate and far from exhibiting leadership qualities to criticize the people of Alberta for exercising their right to hold nonviolent peaceful demonstrations to voice their displeasure at a government who no longer or ever did serve the will of the people.
Jason Kenney criticized us as well for our harmless chant voicing our displeasure and anger while exercising our God-given right to do so at governments who don’t listen to the people, is an opportunist who abandon people at the federal level to seek opportunity in Alberta without completing his tenure.!
The other no name is just thrown in there for good measure to make it look like we have a choice..
Derric would have woken up the people in Alberta and that would’ve caused great discomfort for the status quo who wants us all to go back to sleep while they ratchet down our freedoms and run contrary to everything decent and good..
I believe earlier this week Brad wall got the same memo as I had mentioned earlier in this post..
Take the money and step down for retirement or the consequences will be swift and severe up to and including family.
Brad wall was a great politician and a good leader who would’ve held that position for as long as he wanted it but when the powerbrokers have the final say everybody clears a path for them.
commented 2017-08-10 22:40:51 -0400
“Why would he pull out except for some misplace sentiment about not rocking the boat at a critical time or there was some sort of bottom of the deck dealing done to dissuade him”. More likely a case of his realistically recognizing that he wouldn’t win. For example, most of the Wildrose MLAs have either endorsed Jean (8) or Kenney (4), plus their campaigns are better funded and organized. Fildebrandt did say that he is not prepared to run as leader at this time. He is young and probably will do so some time in the future, having gained more experience. Time to move on.
Also, too much attention on who the leader is rather than the policies which Kenney guarantees should be developed from the ground up through the grassroots members while Jean has taken the top-down approach, quickly coming out of the gate with a host of specific policies many of which were carryovers from the Wildrose Party. Will he carryover the Wildrose policy embracing man-made climate change which he did as a federal MP?