August 10, 2017

With Fildebrandt out, United Conservatives leadership race down to Kenney, Jean

Holly NicholasRebel Commentator

Derek Fildebrandt is out, so what does that mean for the United Conservative leadership race?

We’re left with three contenders: Brian Jean, Jason Kenney and Calgary lawyer Doug Schweitzer. Schweitzer is more like Alison Redford 2.0, so we all know that the contest will be between Jean and Kenney.

Could Fildebrandt have won? Maybe he could have taken votes from Brian Jean, but Kenney is going to be a real force to be reckoned with. He has a well oiled political machine behind him, he is very experienced and knows how to handle tough situations.

However, Kenney really doesn’t have any policy plans at all.

Meanwhile, Jean is laying out some really great policy plans and since I last updated you, he has promised recall legislation, a ban the use of union dues for political reasons and protection for free speech on campus.

If Jean wants to win this, he’s going to have to offer conservatives something different, but that’s going to be tough now that he’s played the “we need to move to the centre” card.

The one thing I just can’t shake about both Jason and Jean is that they called people out for chanting “lock her up” at a rally, an issue that was overblown.

Views on this race are shifting almost daily, which just goes to show that it’s too early for people to decide.

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commented 2017-08-10 22:09:13 -0400
Space Moose commented – ’Lock her up! " t

Yell it loud and often and never apologize for it
commented 2017-08-10 22:03:10 -0400
Fildebrandt being out signals business as usual – again party apparatchiks run policy and yank strings on a puppet leader. Fildebrandt has fresh ideas and leadership qualities, he’s a savvy MLA, he has a large backing of grassroots membership and he is also a populist who puts his constituents first – I think that signals trouble for the control freaks in the “Interim?” executive – old line party leadership puts the party first (often before the members or the electorate. IMHO the new party is compromised from the get go – a truly new party needs new leadership and fresh policy perspective – Fildebrandt has his ear to the ground on both, why would he pull out except for some misplace sentiment about not rocking the boat at a critical time or there was some sort of bottom of the deck dealing done to dissuade him.
commented 2017-08-10 22:02:28 -0400
Lock her up!
commented 2017-08-10 21:49:22 -0400
Ron, I was there too and still say it today “lock her up” and that whole ndp gang with her.
commented 2017-08-10 21:27:56 -0400
Folks are sure over the top with their endorsement of Fildebrandt as some kind of superman who can leap over tall buildings. Ridiculous to suggest that a party led by Kenney who has extensive experience and demonstrated leadership capabilities would be a red Tory party (and that he is not a patriot). However, with Jean that is more likely.
commented 2017-08-10 21:18:33 -0400
Holly, I understand your saying, “The one thing I just can’t shake about both Jason and Jean is that they called people out for chanting ‘lock her up’ at a rally, an issue that was overblown”, as I was one of the thousands who stood in the old in front of the legislature chanting “lock her up”.
Besides Jean and Kenney, as you know, there were several others that denounced those present at the rally including, interim CPC leader Rona Ambrose, and then CPC leadership contenders Chris Alexander and Michael Chong. While CPC leadership contender Brad Trost tweeted support.

Kenney weighed in on social media showing his disapproval with a tweet, "I understand many Albertans are angry with the direction of our province. But anger never wins an argument. Be persuasive instead.” However, Brian Jean was more over-the-top with his disapproval by calling a press conference on the Monday that followed, saying among other things, “I denounce the activities that took place at this particular rally in relation to the chant” and "I wish people who have those desires to have those chants…would just stay at home and keep those opinions to themselves.” With respect to the latter, he as much as told us that we shouldn’t be a part of the Wildrose Party! In addition, using the language of the ‘progressives’, he characteruzed the group as also being homophobes on the basis of the presence of one person carrying a sign saying, “Keep gay activists out of the schools”. Then we have the occasions where Jean threw Fildebrandt under the bus. No wonder when Fildebrandt announced that he would not enter the race, he also issued a strong indictment that Jean was not fit to be leader.
commented 2017-08-10 21:11:00 -0400
Mr Filderbrant got the memo..
Congratulations on your would be win to the new conservative party but we just can’t afford to have that happen as you may inspire the Alberta people to unreasonable expectations… We need this race to be between the three people who are already vying for that spot as none of them are patriots like yourself and will do as professional politicians do when what’s requested of them when it becomes necessary and you will not and that could be a problem.
Please take the money and bow out of the race and live a long and happy life or continue to run for the leadership and a potential election win in Alberta to replace the NDP government who has done so much for us that the repercussions will be swift and severe and possibly up to and including your immediate family and family members.
commented 2017-08-10 20:39:11 -0400
Just trying to put some humor into a sad situation.
commented 2017-08-10 20:38:42 -0400
Depressing news. Derek Fildebrandt is far more conservative than either Brian Jean or Jason Kenny.

I guess Alberta is going to end up with another red Tory government.

However, even still, a red Tory government will be better than the NDP. Heck, a gaggle of geese would be better than the NDP. They would spend less, and get more accomplished. Sure, the floor of the Legislature would get slippery, but we could always cook’em up for dinner if the fail to perform. ;o)