August 08, 2015

With topless women in the news, it's time to sexualize the MALE breast!

Rebel Staff

Between the three shirtless Mohamed sisters and Justin Trudeau's Pride photo with a half-naked young woman, female toplessness is making Canadian headlines.


Jason Agnew of is completely against the #BareWithUs movement that seeks to "desexualize the female breast."

He's starting a movement of his own -- to sexualize the male breast.

See what random Torontonians think of his new campaign.

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commented 2015-08-12 03:05:58 -0400

Yes, let’s all cover up the shameful human body.
commented 2015-08-10 17:37:13 -0400
Peter Netterville – what about a tasteful one-piece suit ??
commented 2015-08-10 11:25:13 -0400
Rick, unless it’s an attack on Ezra, or on Conservative political agenda, they don’t care. Hatred is all that they live for.
commented 2015-08-09 15:15:44 -0400
Equality of the sexes?? Where’s our lefty trolls on this story? Shocked a so called “Conservative” site would present such an idea?
commented 2015-08-08 18:12:14 -0400
Won’t the gals be sorry when they don’t get to see the male boob anymore? Oh wait, there’s still Justin…
commented 2015-08-08 17:37:58 -0400
Gutsy to say the least, laughable for sure!
commented 2015-08-08 16:08:18 -0400
I have no idea how Jason and Matt can do that type of satire. It is funny, but you wouldn’t catch me doing anything like that.
commented 2015-08-08 12:57:28 -0400
Woah! Never saw that finish coming!
commented 2015-08-08 12:17:16 -0400
oh my, oh my, will this get me flagged on Facebook like the Sagging 3 boobs picture i posted on wednesday and went viral ???
commented 2015-08-08 12:03:29 -0400
That is very funny, way to go. thanks for making me laugh….