November 17, 2015

(GRAPHIC CONTENT) Witness to Paris attacks talks about suicide bomb near soccer stadium

Gavin McInnesArchive

I spoke to Aaron Davis, who was at the soccer game at the Stade de France when the attacks began.


Davis says that since players stayed on the field after the loud explosion, he and his companions didn't realize a suicide bomb had gone off.

It was only after the game concluded that he and others in the crowd realized something horrible had happened.

Gavin and Davis discuss whether or not these terrorists are "true" Muslims, and why people in Paris don't seem very angry.


PHOTO: Heineken umbrella covered in tiny drops of blood

PHOTO: Remains of suicide bomber

PHOTO: Charred human remains

PHOTO: This mysterious woman showed up to mop up blood

PHOTO: The woman's license plate was taken down and given to police


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commented 2015-11-20 21:28:51 -0500
Interesting isn’t it that Timothy McVeigh’s name get thrown around like he was some kind of a religious person. Wikipedia says he attended Catholic Mass as a child with his father. SO he didn’t seem to have any clear “Christian” motives in his terrorist attack. People are so brain washed, it is sickening.
commented 2015-11-19 05:29:47 -0500
These terrorists weren’t Mormons! They were Muslims! Why is that so hard for some people to admit?
commented 2015-11-18 14:08:16 -0500
He had no problem calling Timothy McVeigh a Christian, why does he have such a hard time calling the assailants involved in the Paris massacre Muslim?
commented 2015-11-18 10:11:01 -0500
Most of the french are use to laying down. They have a track record. Looking at the Nazis in France.
Come on in!
commented 2015-11-18 09:59:28 -0500
There is nothing you can do to help France , it’s conquered by Islam.
commented 2015-11-18 09:17:50 -0500
These animals haven’t receive the response they wanted, so I’m sure another attack is coming soon. I don’t think they were giving the Jews the credit, they were attempting to pin this on the Jews, to incite global hatred.
commented 2015-11-17 22:19:18 -0500
I can just see the ISIS members sitting around after a doing things to their goats. “Why the hell did we do all that work , then the idiots give the Jews all the credit?”
commented 2015-11-17 22:17:29 -0500
I agree with the other commenters ,the terrorists must go nuts when they can never do enough to terrorize the useful idiots, they announce it publicly that they are responsible and the idiots still won’t give them credit.
commented 2015-11-17 21:00:43 -0500
The guest said " Nothing to do with Muslims, they were Terrorists ". But both groups live and die for the same god, Allah.
commented 2015-11-17 20:55:04 -0500
Yep, must cause more damage to get the message across. These damn infidels are truly thick! I guess 100,000 is a number that will wake up the pussyfists! So glad that Churchill did not ascribe Nazi insanity to “boys will be boys”. Men were men in the day, guys today are but a shadow of yesterday. No doubt they expect their women to take up arms as they maintain a metro-sexual existence. Shameful!
commented 2015-11-17 20:50:34 -0500
So many people today are willfully ignorant of Islam (stupid on purpose). Educate yourself, damn it! Otherwise they will soon be showing up in your neighborhood, if they aren’t there already.
commented 2015-11-17 20:18:22 -0500
I guess the Islamist, jihadi murderers are going to have to do a better job of it next time. They failed to make a lasting impression.
The infidels sure are slow. What will it take??
commented 2015-11-17 20:14:57 -0500
It would seem that the French have been brainwashed for so long, by left wing Governments, they have become defeatist. When France was liberated in WW2, they were quick enough to hang French traitors, from lamp posts but now they have no spirit. Socialism dose that to you.
commented 2015-11-17 19:18:55 -0500
Effing idiot.