July 10, 2018

Women are losing faith in Trudeau

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

On last night's show, Toronto Sun columnist Anthony Furey joined me to discuss Justin Trudeau's groping scandal.

Trudeau's feminist credentials are integral to his brand, but now that's falling apart and women are moving towards the Conservative Party.

WATCH my interview with Anthony to see why Trudeau's male feminist shtick is just "icky" now.

Justin thinks he can get away with sexually groping a young female reporter, I think thousands of Canadians should wear THIS new shirt, in public. To show Trudeau we know who he is.

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commented 2018-07-12 11:37:48 -0400
Great comment, Liza Rosie and Hyacinth. It seems to me that we should have known that he liked to inappropriately touch people. Look how he steps into people’s bubble of private space, such as the Obama pic, Morneau pic, Macron pic, he gets way too close. Then the above picture where his hand is just on the edge of going to far. Real women prefer men who understand their limit and a set boundary, IMO. The Kokanee Groper needs to resign or get so badly whipped on election day that he takes his party with him into obscurity. I have never loathed a PM more than this uneducated, sexist pig.
commented 2018-07-11 17:42:07 -0400
“Like a little over sexed puppy dog.”, Exactly Hyacinth, I laughed out loud at that image.

Justin admitted he did something, and then as a result of his actions, said he wouldn’t have been so forward had he known she was a national reporter, THEN he apologised for ‘handling’ her. What did he handle? Canadians want to know. There is no similarity to this situation and unproven metoo witch hunts, none whatsoever. Justin has admitted guilt.
commented 2018-07-11 09:22:26 -0400
Trudeau has never had any credibility with real women period, this is aptly stated in this article:

It is young people that elected Trudeau.
Liberals Won Majority Thanks To Young Voters, Poll Suggests

The Liberals always have changed laws in effort to stay in power, it was Pierre Trudeau that in 1970 revised Canada Elections Act lowering the voting age and the age of candidacy from 21 years to 18. Justin Trudeau has tried to manipulate the electoral system as well. The Liberals still intend to reduce voting age to16, it is just a matter of time before they succeed both provincially and federally. Liberals label 16 and 17 year old as “adults” for votes. 16-17 year olds if they break the law[s] are dealt with under Canada’s Youth Protection Act which makes them children NOT adults, 16-17 year olds which are in CAS care and custody are viewed as children NOT adults, but Liberals never let facts and reality deter them – they will drop the age of voter age to 16 to remain in power or try to.


CBC News · Posted: Mar 19, 2018
commented 2018-07-10 19:21:39 -0400
Oops, there was a redirect notice on the first link, click on the link to ottawa citizen for photo and article.
commented 2018-07-10 18:42:09 -0400
Every time trudeau shakes hands with anybody, it looks like he wants to diddle with them. Like a little over sexed puppy dog.
commented 2018-07-10 18:30:12 -0400

You’re just regurgitating ’Tony’s boss’s talking points. Quote me where Ms. Knight ever said that she accepted Trudeau’s abysmal excuse for an ‘apology’. She wrote the editorial after that ‘apology’, sharply critical of Trudeau and his behavior toward her. That doesn’t seem like acceptance of the ‘apology’ to me.

Nice try on the ‘give it up, nobody cares’ mantra, but I think Canadians want a straight and truthful explanation from Trudeau and are not going to give up until they get one. We’ve had enough of his lying and deflection.
commented 2018-07-10 18:22:36 -0400

Looks to me like he either gave her a pat on the rear or else was thinking about it… his hand wasn’t above her waist, where it should have been, it’s down in cop-a-bum-feel (mentally or physically) territory.
commented 2018-07-10 18:16:42 -0400
Ted Tatright……I don’t think that the Gropemasters hand is touching the Governor General’s rear, although it is close. She is sort of a Liberal Freak, so who knows?
commented 2018-07-10 18:16:42 -0400
Ted Tatright……I don’t think that the Gropemasters hand is touching the Governor General’s rear, although it is close. She is sort of a Liberal Freak, so who knows?
commented 2018-07-10 17:32:04 -0400
Our CRIMEMINISTER, leader of the Canadian ME TOO movement .
This Canadian CRIMEMINISTER is also in charge of another portfolio, that of lying,pomposity, smugness and GROPETHINK.
He is the protector of multiple genders and races .
What a hero
commented 2018-07-10 15:52:38 -0400
If you read and listen closely to some media outlets who are devotees to" the cult of St. Justin " if it weren’t for him Canadian women would be lost , barefoot and pregnant . P.M. TRUGROPE wants Canadian women too do better, just not better than him .
He wants equality for women as long as your politics and beliefs are in line with his own . If not no money for you or your organization (Summer job program funding attestation box, agree with the high priest or you get nothing.)
Very similar actions to that of a husband who is dominating and controlling. St Justin TRUGROPE made sure that conservative MP Rachel Harder’s nomination for the status of women committee chair would not go forward because she holds a different belief then his on abortion.(So much for a women having her own opinion)
He wants too see more women candidates in the "liberal cult " but women just like men will have to vote his way if they are to be given respect by St Justin .
He’s proven to be a fake , he treated a young female reporter with complete disdain she wasn’t going to be taken seriously by St Justin, she was merely a sex target too him , hopefully a story he could share with his posse . He didn’t care about how angry she was or how embarrassing it was for her . She only received respect when he found out she was reporting for 2 National papers as well as her small town newspaper. He only showed true remorse for his actions a few days ago when the rest of the country started to find out, his remorse was not for his actions 18 years ago ,it was because his mask fell off and he got exposed .
This poor excuse of a man who likes to talk about “CANADIAN VALUES” should remember that Canadians don’t like BULLIES AND CREEPERS and when you treat anyone in the way he did to that young female reporter there is a price to pay .

Rose Knight the reporter who Justin Trudeau groped and sexually harassed is a person who all Canadians can respect and admire,not because of what she endured with St Justin, but how she moved on from it and is displaying a true “CANADIAN VALUE” protecting her family .
commented 2018-07-10 15:49:12 -0400
Andrew, there is more disturbing skeletons in this man’s closet…don’t worry it will come to light.
I wouldn’t be so quick to defend him next time.
commented 2018-07-10 15:46:47 -0400
Oh boy Andrew, you don’t get out much! Also, do an internet search, Google buries a lot, so use another web browser try Duck Duck Go and you will find out exactly who is talking about it and cares. Read the comments sections (where allowed).
Trudeau’s ever changing responses/press interviews; throwing the woman under the bus; and telling the rest of Canada his problem is something WE need to reflect on is appalling and scandalous. It’s not going away. The LPC have a real sexual misconduct problem and their leader isn’t the feminist he claims to be, quite the opposite in fact when you look at how he has handled this…you might want to watch his interview with CBC aired January 30/18 in a nutshell, sexual misconduct rules apply to him too…no expiration date on past bad behaviour. He is an elitist gaslighter who sets aside the rules he has imposed on others in his party, and, declared himself unaccountable. POS
commented 2018-07-10 15:18:05 -0400
You know, this “scandal” bears more than a slight resemblance to the fabricated scandals that so irritate Trump. The supposed victim even said she accepted his apology, and that she doesnt’ want to talk about it anymore, it’s just the “alternative” media that keeps trying to make this into a scandal. Nobody cares, Rebel. Not even the victim. Move on.
commented 2018-07-10 15:06:11 -0400
Notice where Justin Trudeau’s hand is in the picture above as he walks with Canada’s Governor General.
commented 2018-07-10 15:03:25 -0400
Everyone is tired of him especially blue collar Canadians! This mindless douchebag is destroying this country and killing any credibility we had as a nation on the world stage.
Get this clown out of office next year or we are all truly doomed!!!!!
commented 2018-07-10 15:03:06 -0400
Journalists must keep asking Justin Trudeau if he groped Rose Knight. She says in her July 6 2018 statement that he did. He has been using weasel words to avoid saying what he did, and insinuating that she isn’t telling the truth, or isn’t smart enough to know the truth. I want a straight answer out of our Prime Minister and if it takes until the next election to get one, so be it, just keep asking the question over and over and over…
commented 2018-07-10 13:53:33 -0400
Trudeau needs to drop “male feminist” from his vocabulary and change it to gaslighting misogynist. He should also refer to himself as the elitist he is – above the own rules of his Party. World leaders are tired of him.