Announcing our new community blog: The Megaphone

The MegaphoneRebel Blogger

Welcome to the official group blog of The Rebel. This is your one-stop shop for rebellious commentary from independent and fearless readers and writers.

Dear Rebels,

If you're a writer or blogger with something original to say, The Megaphone is the place for you.

We're looking for regular columnists who will commit to writing something at least twice a month.

As a Canadian website, our primary focus is on Canadian themes; we already have US based contributors to provide an "American" perspective on news and culture.

We're also looking for writers who can provide a fresh look at topics that go beyond a typical "Letters to the Editor" rant.

At this point, with so many Megaphone bloggers already in place writing about the issues of the day from an "everyman/woman" perspective, we are more open to new bloggers with distinctive, specialized opinions and experiences:

* Doctors, lawyers, nurses, scientists, political insiders, military veterans, professors, bureaucrats -- experts in almost any field
* Conservatives in traditionally “liberal” occupations
* Canadian ex-pats with insights into their adopted country
* Canadians who live in places other than Toronto!

Writers must also be willing to contribute under their real names unless a pseudonym is deemed absolutely essential.

We ask potential bloggers to explain what sets their work apart from that of our existing bloggers, by reading those writers and then telling us what unique contribution they could make to the Megaphone.

PS: Just a reminder that this is not a paid position, although we do provide a one-time $50 signing bonus to new contributors.

Thank you,

The Megaphone Editor

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commented 2017-06-21 22:59:17 -0400
I emailed this address and got an immediate postback fail. Is this still going on?