June 19, 2017

Wrong, TeenVogue: Some “misconceptions” about Native Americans are true

Gavin McInnesArchive

TeenVogue just released a video called “6 Misconceptions about Native Americans.” I’m married to an Indian, so while my relatives might get mad at this, I also think it puts me in a good position to make fun of this video.


One of their “misconceptions” is that First Nations “still live in tepees.” But who the hell actually believes that?

What about the idea that Indians get “lots of government handouts”? Frankly, that’s a fact. (My wife and kids get cheques.)

(And some of these “tribes” look way too white to be authentic, btw...)


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commented 2017-06-22 10:38:27 -0400
Well done, sir. I may not be married to an Indian but I’ve had plenty of Indian friends over the years, and from vastly different tribes and cultures, like Assinniboine Sioux, Flathead, Blackfeet, Navajo and Laguna Pueblo. One thing they did all seem to have in common was a great sense of humor, especially about us Whities. You made some great point for sure and it is pretty disgusting that these KIDS are being spoon fed lies.
commented 2017-06-20 15:16:19 -0400
“First Nations”? Evidence suggests there were more than a few migrations to North America. Not just from Siberia, but from many places.

“Many coins found in North America and South America show pre-Columbian visitations by many peoples. “But vastly more impressive than even the numismatic evidence is that which has begun to accumulate in the epigraphic field. For whereas our sporadic coin finds inferred the pre-Columbian presence of Phoenicians and Hebrews, inscriptions have already added Berbers, Arabs, Basques, Celts, Scandinavians, Hindus, and, most recently, Sumerians.”
commented 2017-06-20 01:21:37 -0400
How about “Wagon Burners”? Is that a real aboriginal hockey team?
commented 2017-06-19 23:57:03 -0400
Loved your opening “accent”.

All the “Indians” in my family call themselves Indians – NOT aboriginals or whatever.

Yeah, the folks who live in Alberta get cash and the folks who live in Belleville get nothing.

And not one of them pays tax – lucky bastards.
commented 2017-06-19 21:30:47 -0400
Buaah, ha ha. I had lots of Indian friends and I know their privilege but I can’t envy them even though they make their fortune from our society. My brother in law manages a building and he gets free food from the people in Winnipeg because they don’t need it all.
commented 2017-06-19 21:11:13 -0400
Sounds like Golden Lake Indians.
commented 2017-06-19 18:58:45 -0400
Yeah natives lived in perfect harmony with the earth and each other before we came along LMAO!
commented 2017-06-19 16:42:38 -0400
I agree Gavin, the two sisters being interviewed are funny and charming!