April 29, 2015

Wynne calls meeting with parents over sex-ed program "great idea" -- but spokesperson's "clarification" backtracks

Rebel Staff

Parents in the Peel region are threatening to pull their children out of school between May 4 to 11 to protest Ontario's controversial new sex-ed curriculum.

Having said repeatedly that there would be no changes to the curriculum despite concerns about its content and origins, Premier Kathleen Wynne sounded a slightly more conciliatory note Tuesday.

According to CBC.ca, Wynne said:

"I think that if she would like to do an event in Peel where we, you know, we bring together the community and the school board is there with us and we have clarification, I think that's a great idea and that's certainly something that the minister will offer to her."


A spokesperson for the premier later clarified that Wynne had not made any specific offer about involvement in such a meeting.

Speaking to CBC Radio's Metro Morning on Tuesday, Peel District School Board chair Janet McDougald said that many parents "think the information is sensitive, it's graphic and they are worried about the age appropriateness of the material."

She added that these parents feel "disenfranchised" and described a large proportion of them as "Muslim."

CBC.ca, paraphrasing McDougald, noted:

Parents in Ontario, however, already have the right to opt out of any parts of the curriculum they are uncomfortable with and Peel frequently accommodates those requests.

When asked if her government had done enough to disseminate information about the curriculum, Wynne recited a list of ways she and the ministry had been doing that, including talking to the media and posting the information online.

It seems not to have occurred to the government that many parents object to the new curriculum, not because they are ignorant of its contents, but because they are all too familiar with it.


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commented 2015-05-01 11:01:50 -0400
Political degenerates in all parties governed through United nation degenerates, unelected except under the guise of party titles, unfortunately we still believe otherwise. Real men and women will protect the kids in spite of the degenerates, talk to your kids and grandkids. This battle ain’t about right and left its about right and wrong! Period.
commented 2015-05-01 10:21:37 -0400
@joan…" It’s not like anyone will expect them to spell the words correctly. (-:"

Funny! Like they can spell ANYTHING correctly! They can hardly read and write, and math and science are a joke, but sex has to be the main focus…nice bait and switch…

I know a young person who just entered university with a 97% average and could hardly keep up because that 97% meant NOTHING when compared with the foreign students who had no difficulty at all…our best students have not been equipped to survive in university and are forced to burn the midnight oil just to keep up with students from other countries… and yet WE FOCUS on sex instead…this is DISGRACEFUL.
commented 2015-05-01 10:12:59 -0400
Alberta has a voucher system…Ontario doesn’t have a voucher system because the government is in bed with the teacher’s unions, who freak out about bad teachers being treated ‘unfairly’ and bad schools being emptied…it’s all about protecting the lowest common denominator teachers….we need vouchers here in Ontario, but again the Liberals HAVE PROVEN THAT THEY PREFER UNIONS TO FAMILIES.

Raising children is a LIFE WORK…yet Wynne and these LIBERAL politicians are complaining that they have spent 5 years working on this curriculum and will not fix it…they have no concern that their imposition on families may have repercussions for a lifetime…they have NO RESPECT for the voters…how about REMEMBERING that next election all you who voted for this party….especially this FALL!


The one protester had it all summed up perfectly…parents have to sign a permission slip so the school can give their child a slice of pizza…yet when they want to teach children how to give permission for sex there is no option at all for parents to object = NO RESPECT.
commented 2015-04-30 16:27:41 -0400
Eileen, don’t you think most 6 year-olds already call their privates some name? Learning the correct name isn’t that hard. It’s not like anyone will expect them to spell the words correctly. (-:
commented 2015-04-30 11:12:08 -0400
As a point of interest, it was Wynne, herself, that accused the opposition parties of being “homophobic” when it came to the new sex education curriculum! Six-year old children are struggling to learn how to recognize and read basic vocabulary, and to comprehend word meanings. Some may not be ready for the vocabulary that correctly names anatomical body parts. Learning is a constructivist process that happens when children are ready for it. It cannot and should not be forced!
commented 2015-04-29 23:49:18 -0400
Liza, “dictator” is a little hyperbolic. She has a majority. And majority governments can, and do, do this sort of thing. The best upset parents can do in our democracy is protest, complain and boycott.

Yes, we need a voucher system. I’ve been advocating that idea for the past decade. No one seems to be picking it up just like no one is picking it up for health care where it is also badly needed to hold health care providers accountable for tax dollars. That and guaranteed income law.

Sigh. Change is slow in a democracy, unlike in a Trudeau-style basic dictatorship.
commented 2015-04-29 20:55:13 -0400
Home schooling my kids, for the elementary grades, some years ago now, was very rewarding, and they grew up fine. The input from an organized home schooling group can make a big difference. It is not for everyone to be sure. There are alternatives out there though. If we had a voucher system as many here have mentioned, Alternative and Private schools would be more accessible to everyone.

The whole system needs an overhaul when a government thinks it has a right to force anything on our kids against our will. That is what this is. They are coming for your kids, and I know if I lived in Ontario, I would boycott the system until they listened. This is not just a fringe group complaining. Wynne is ignoring them. She is a dictator.
Regardless of where you live, sign the petition provided with this article.
commented 2015-04-29 18:10:29 -0400
Steve Wick. Everyone values innocence … except pedophiles who enjoy corrupting it.

Unfortunately we live in a pretty nasty world where you may protect your kids but many do not. Just because a couple/single bore or adopted a child does not mean they love that child, care for that child, or do not abuse that child. Sadly, many children are grown adults before anyone tells them the abuse they endured as children was criminal.

What is wrong with teaching children what is legal and what is not so they do not have to be scarred for life due to abuse that went on right under the noses of everyone whom the child did not tell because his/her parents told them how they were treated was the best of possible worlds?

When I worked for public health, I learned of parents selling their 5- and 6- year old children to johns for drug money. Why not tell those kids they don’t need to consent?

I urge everyone to read the sex-ed curriculum so you can tell your kids’ teachers just what you don’t want your children to know. Do not trust the media pundits. As you know, they all have an agenda and your kids deserve you to think for yourself and not rely on the agenda of those who care only about their politics and not a fig about the welfare of your children.
commented 2015-04-29 17:59:21 -0400
Cathy, Wynne isn’t “sensing” homophobia – although I wouldn’t call it that. She is the target of extremely visceral hatred expressed online including on this site. I think she makes a mistake, perhaps, to complain about it. She’s got the premier’s job. She should probably suck it up.
commented 2015-04-29 17:56:15 -0400
Mark. You are right. You did not mention affordability. I did. That’s okay, right?

My cousin, a Baptist, home schooled her kids for a few years and we all thought she might murder them. It is way harder than many people assume. And she is a nurse and her husband a business executive so they had money for clubs, sports and music lessons. They have a large house and property. Imagine being locked up with nine- ten- and eleven-year olds, day in and day out with no relief, in a small apartment, trying to teach them the whole curriculum minus the sexy parts.

I agree a show of civil disobedience can be useful. If nothing else, it gives the parents a sense of freedom and control, as is the reason for law that allows such protests. But this government is going to implement the new sex ed curriculum regardless.

As to private schools. Immigrant families may strrugle more with official languages and with education texts the law requires them to teach from. I don’t have the same concern about Catholic schools. As you know, in Masjids, they teach only Islam so that would hurt those Canadian Muslim children who have a right to equal education. More Muslim children than many are aware are taught in such schools and our law enforcement has not rescued them as they should.

As far as the “gotcha” in this clip – it wasn’t not a gotcha. No, there are not multiple genders. Nobody says there are. The curriculum teaches there are multiple gender identities and there are. And to complain children don’t need to know the anatomically correct terms for their genitals is simply silly. They are just words. How is wee-wee better than penis?

You know, lots of white people are Muslim. Islam is not a race.
commented 2015-04-29 17:31:09 -0400
Please leave that stone age mushlim cult out of this issue as mushlims cause enough problems! I do not countenance any micro minority that only complains about how we are not serving them, when they came here, to Canada and we are not mushlim, we are Christian and we do not act like nor have similar vales in the least… Next they will be wanting to stone perverts which is totally unacceptable too. Just eating my bacon sandwich! I think the real issue is: Ontarians are not ready to forfeit to the government the role of sex education. This proposed curriculum is banal, blatant, too insensitive and for the most part there is content that is simply not necessary for children to learn. Innocence of children is to be valued and this inappropriate pervert sex ed plan is simply not warranted. The Pervert Community in which the Ontario Minister belongs is trying to condition and groom children into thinking there is nothing wrong with perversion… I just wish WYND would give up on this stupidity and allow parents to teach their children what and when they see fit… I value children, innocence and Christian values which do not in the least allow for this offensive material.
commented 2015-04-29 16:58:21 -0400
This article incorrectly gives the impression that next week’s protest includes Peel only, when in fact it is the entire Province.
commented 2015-04-29 15:35:40 -0400
Wynne again is showing that this inappropriate perverted sexual education is all about the lgbt agenda and really has nothing at all to do with any educational concerns of children when she clearly stated that she is sensing “homophobia” over this issue. That’s a red flag. Wynne should be thrown out of the position of the provincial liberal leader and put where she belongs, as the leader of the lgbt movement which is where her main concern is. This protest has nothing at all to do with homophobia. Children are not of consenting age and do not need to know all about sex and 6 genders (!?). Is this outwardly perverted idiot trying to turn children into sexual objects? Are they trying to turn our children into homosexuals just to make them feel better about themselves or set them up to have child sex or sex with perverts? Throw the witch out.

And the global news representative was likely paid by Wynne and her lgbt mob to belittle the parents at the protest. Throw him out too. The point is that this entire sexual education of small children
is bogus and has to be against the law. It goes against human dignity and the rights of children to remain as innocent as possible for as long as possible. I’m sure if someone wanted to they could find some law or laws that this in your face fool is breaking and needs to have charges laid against her soon if she doesn’t shut this thing down.
commented 2015-04-29 14:50:34 -0400
Joan, I said nothing of finances or affordability; nor did I say anything about minorities homeschooling. What I did say was “what if…?” to a concept of civil disobedience. IF parents were to participate in such measures as to visibly demonstrate to Wynne et al (including school administrators and teachers) their physical displeasure (ie, pulling their kids out of class for that class), what could anybody do? Moreover, it’s not merely minorities and immigrants that have “issues” with this sex-ed program; they’re just the most vocal ones to date because they’re the most traditional. In those protests, in which a msm reporter failed to get the “gotchas” he was hoping for, 1/3 or better of the protesting crowd was WHITE. (Besides, aren’t Muslims already pushing to have their kids taught outside our public school systems? Some of them already are. I take it you’re not happy with that? Similarly, would you be happy with someone whose kids are in the Catholic school system? It’s still religious…)
commented 2015-04-29 13:20:19 -0400
http://ontariohomeschool.org/about-oftp/ This site is very comprehensive, The Ontario Federation of Teaching Parents is growing fast.
There are 41 Alternative schools in T.O. district alone, (partially autonomous?)
230 private schools in Ontario (fully autonomous)
Good question Stu.
commented 2015-04-29 12:39:51 -0400
Why has the emphasis shifted from the 3 R’s to Adam and Steve and Bobby? If these overly-sexed administrators and politicians were to put the welfare of the children as the primary goal then they would see that oral sex is at the bottom of the list for normal people unlike the sexually perverted.
However, if your plan is to take down the economy of a province – like the Liberals have been doing for the past decade – then this is just another task in the project meant to keep us diverted from it.
“When you’re up to your neck in alligators it’s hard to remember that your task was to drain the swamp”
commented 2015-04-29 10:55:49 -0400
Mark, I’m not sure most parents can afford to home school and I’m not sure I want large percentages of immigrant kids being home schooled or schooled in masjids. The best way to go is to keep pressure on schools to tone down any offensive materials and to teach lids they don’t have to agree with what they are taught. You know, discuss with them what children are taught and deconstruct it.
commented 2015-04-29 10:53:38 -0400
Wynne’s comment about the parents being"disenfranchised", and describing a large proportion of them as “Muslim.” Is a cheap shot. How many people have signed petitions. (link above, no matter where you live sign it) I’m not a disenfranchised immigrant, and I don’t even live in Ontario any more, and I signed it. We don’t want Wynne’s style of grooming children to infect our country. That is why it has to be wiped out in Ontario. Nipped in the bud. If it gets into Ontario schools it will spread. Have a look at the vid in Patrick Bissett’s piece in the Megaphone section here. Just a glimpse of some of the damage done by this sort of indoctrination, and in that case it didn’t start in earnest until gender studies in university. I can’t even*imagine* how screwed up these little children will be by the time they reach the age of consent, which could be* ?* if Wynne keeps this up. Wynne’s agenda isn’t* just* about sexual grooming. It’s about grooming children to be soldiers for the cause. You don’t think Wynne has agenda, she has agenda. I hope parents keep their kid’s out of school. She needs to get it.

Sign that petition. Stop her.
commented 2015-04-29 10:49:17 -0400
A couple of points. First, Wynne’s government is teaching not multiple genders but multiple gender identities. Fine point, but one that bears noting.

I am not sure anyone is saying two-spirited, a Native way of conceptualizing gay, is “normal” in the sense of average but rather that it exists as a Canadian gender identity and should be accepted and included, not ostracized, not discriminated against, not bullied to suicide or even murder.

Some Hindu gods are two-spirited. Why condemn anyone’s faith just because it is different? Two-spirits is not violent or pedophilic but a long-standing respected concept of some Canadian cultures.

I believe the mythical phoenix is also two-spirited. Anyone object to children learning that? Remember that just because kids are exposed to diverse ideas does not mean they believe them. Parents should discuss what kids learn and help them understand they can think for themselves. That is a skill all free children should learn as it differentiates democracy from tyranny.

My point is that this issue is not about sex but about identity. Personally, I think we should accept however children identify growing up because identity is fluid. Just because a boy likes to play with dolls does not mean he is, therefore, a girl. And a girl who plays with trucks is not, therefore, a boy. Nor are either of them, therefore gay. Leave kids’ sexual identities alone and once they reach puberty, accept them for who they are, however they self-identify. This should not be a political issue. It has only become one because of traditional systemic biases against certain identities. Sigh.

My second point is that a 6 year old who comes home and talks about another student’s vagina is no more creepy than a 6 year old who comes home and talks about another student’s wee wee or hole. Why on earth is any child using any words to talk about other students’ privates?

Sandals and/or Wynne must put aside their feelings of personal offence on this issue and respect the upset parents enough to meet with them and hear their grievances. Even so, I do not believe this government will change one thing about the curriculum. They have a majority and intend to institute it come hell or high water. They will tell parents they have the right to remove their children from the classroom for sex ed materials they object to. But even removing their kids from sex-ed classes won’t protect their children from learning about it … or about some twisted version of it … because the students who do hear the material will tell the curious students who don’t. And maybe that is worse.

Parents cannot afford to not be involved in their kids’ education. Get to know their teachers, get to know the principals, get to know the board and trustees and hold them accountable for what of this curriculum they teach and exactly how they teach it. Report anything inappropriate to your MPP, police and the press. And teach your own kids hw to think freely, critically, for themselves.
commented 2015-04-29 10:46:37 -0400
So what is Wynne going to do if a majority (or even a large minority) of Ontario parents pull their kids from school on whatever days this “program” is being taught? It’s not a big deal for the parents to find out what their kids will be taught when on which days. Will she “call out the military” in the face of such “mass” civil disobedience? Or will she resort to calling such a percentage of parents “homophobic”? I see the potential for a boom growth of home-schooling (or even private schooling) coming…
commented 2015-04-29 10:18:04 -0400
If same-sex marriage goes through in the States, they’ll be dealing with this indoctrination too. Wynne, imo, didn’t do her own kids any favors while she was figuring her ‘sexual energy’ out, so she has no right at all to mess around with the minds of other peoples’ children. All this posturing about the sex ed curriculum having to change with the times. Well, as far as I know, sex hasn’t changed. How people do it and who or what they do it with may be different, but that doesn’t mean basic sex ed has changed. Parents, like myself, are quite capable of talking to our children about any and every topic that comes up. By saying sex ed NEEDS to be changed, people are assuming all parents just don’t talk to their kids. Even if parents don’t talk with their kids about sex, it’s NO ONE’S BUSINESS!! People forget that they have no right in someone’s life telling them how to parent unless there is abuse going on. School and govt should just stay out of the minds of young children and teach only what they need to be taught to get through school.
commented 2015-04-29 09:43:06 -0400
Protecting children from Wynne’s sexualized education program requires the same treatment as polio or measles. Ontario society will need 90%+ children to be vaccinated against these sex-ed classes so that Wynne’s perversion does not INFECT the rest of the student body. If this does not happen, Ontario can expect an OUTBREAK of immorality over the course of the next generation.
commented 2015-04-29 09:39:47 -0400
Curriculum that benefits adult pedophiles – right Wynne? You know, the UofT prof who is a convicted pedophile who built your sex-ed program for you Wynne – you foul disgusting communist pig!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!