September 14, 2016

Wynne’s HST rebate on hydro bills nothing but a sham

Brian LilleyArchive

Under pressure for skyrocketing hydro costs, Energy Minister Glenn Thibeault excitedly announced the the Liberals would be rebating the HST portion of our bills but anyone who has watched costs climb, knows this won’t do much.

Even Christine Van Geyn of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation scoffs at this offer of tax relief noting this is nothing but a cynical move that doesn’t address the root causes of the problem.

Watch as I do the math the Liberals seem to think taxpayers aren’t capable of figuring out for themselves.

The whole system is a disaster and this latest political ploy from Wynne won’t get her the relief she’s looking for before the next election, or deliver the relief hydro customers need now.

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commented 2016-09-15 12:23:45 -0400
I do not believe the government should put us into debt period. I am disgusted that all politicians, though the worst offenders are the Liberals, have amassed such debt over the years, all three levels of government.

Income tax was not imposed federally until 1917 when it was imposed as a temporary measure to help finance WWI. Note, it was suppose to be a temporary measure. Some temporary measure eh? Its been almost a century and we are still paying.

Taxes overall, all three levels – municipal, provincial, federal, on a yearly basis continue to increase and multiply. The governments (all three levels) believe the income (tax intake) is infinite, the barrel will never run dry. The waste is astounding. But hey, no prob, just raise taxes again and invent new ones (fees/levies) to cover the increased “expenses” according to the politicians. Why do we take the abuse and continue to pay? Your guess is as good as mine. Perhaps because overall people are sheeple, most are content to graze in a small spot, rarely look up from their grazing. Nietzsche was correct that people have the herd mentality. The solution? Anarchy has been suggested, but I fear most of us are pacifists at heart.
commented 2016-09-15 11:26:00 -0400
What a pair in this pic.
commented 2016-09-15 11:20:30 -0400
Hyancinth: I don’t believe the government should have the right to put us into deep debt except in real emergencies such as a famine, war or disaster. Even then it needs to be closely defined and monitored. When I was growing up from time to time my parents would ask me to conduct some business on their behalf. I cannot imagine the reaction I would have gotten if I had maxed out their credit cards so why do we accept this kind of betrayal and abuse from governments who we did not authorize to put us into debt?
commented 2016-09-15 10:50:27 -0400
Traveling the 401 from Tilbury to Windsor I have noticed 100s of wind turbines shut off during the day time.And yet they keep building more.A lot of these turbines require a road thru the farm fields to get to.Not to mention the tons of copper wire to hook to the grid.So just what the hell are they shut off for?Are we still paying when they are shut off?May be someone from hydro one could answer these issues.
commented 2016-09-15 10:26:18 -0400
Sean does mommy still pay you allowance still ?
commented 2016-09-15 09:53:55 -0400
Wynnie is cutting infrastructure to keep making those interest payments. She doesn’t want to declare bankruptcy just yet, because she isn’t finished her plans of total destruction of capitalism and wealth. When Wynnie and her minions are roasting in hell, then we will have real justice.
commented 2016-09-15 09:34:46 -0400
Wynne’s rebate is a joke.
When the elderly start dying because they cannot afford to heat their homes their deaths shall be on your politically correct head.

Keep giving tax payers money to your friends. Just another Liberal scam to screw Canadian taxpayers.

You are deplorable Wynne!
commented 2016-09-15 09:13:26 -0400
“the major producer of electricity for the whole continent”

Sigh, Leviticus 2013 is correct, Jay Kelly you are indeed the village idiot. I’d say go back to school, but you are probably the product of the no fail policy that is in place.
commented 2016-09-15 08:46:14 -0400
Double Play

What everyone is missing is that she’s working in her attack on rural ON. As noted in the National Post, she has put out her “vision” of Ontario, and it’s pure, 110% unadulterated communism!! She’s cutting funds for roads, hospitals, school buses, all kinds of things. Why? Because she believes we should all live in rented high rises by the lake, taking up as small a footprint as possible, and return the forest to the squirrels and other critters. It’s the old – humans are the scourge of the earth view. So she’s killing 2 birds here. Generating income while forcing ppl out of their rural homes!
commented 2016-09-14 23:52:39 -0400
Disgraceful that the Premier of Ontario is acting like this.

Ontario, the major producer of electricity for the whole continent only a few years ago is reduced to this.

We do have to ask ourselves questions about where our electricity comes from.

But we do not have to ask ourselves why we are being ripped off.
commented 2016-09-14 23:40:25 -0400
It’s not a coincidence that the rebate doesn’t start until the New Year just when she will implement her carbon tax. Give in one hand and take away with the other. This government is too much. They must think we are all a bunch of fools to fall for this scam.
commented 2016-09-14 22:42:04 -0400
I’ll bet she resigns instead of running in another election. She’ll run for cover to the US, like McGuilty did. All cowards run away rather than take responsibility. Wynnie intentionally destroyed ON for the agenda. And now she wants to throw the public a couple of pennies, to make it look like she has compassion for the taxpayers. It’s another sleight of hand move by the criminal liberals of ON.
commented 2016-09-14 21:05:49 -0400
Is she evil or plain stupid?
commented 2016-09-14 20:41:50 -0400
Look at her face and her eyes… The concerned if not fearfull look on her face is reminiscent of rotten Rachel Notley’s when she was told to wear the hijab to give the appearance of a submissive government to these murdering savages when she greeted them.
The smile is gone the smirk is gone and it’s all being replaced by fear..
Pride does come before the fall and fall she will and fall hard..
She now realizes the incredible errors that she made while literally robbing the good people of Ontario at gunpoint. I hope she suffers horribly in the upcoming elections and I wish the same for rotten Rachel.
commented 2016-09-14 19:55:39 -0400
Luckily she has Notley to distract from Wynnes corruption and with the advice Rachel is getting from her,Notley will get more attention eventually.
commented 2016-09-14 19:19:03 -0400
commented 2016-09-14 19:13:52 -0400
Praise her ye tax slaves here below. Praise her above ye liberal lobbyists. Praise Wynne, Trudeau and holy MSM. Amen.
commented 2016-09-14 19:09:44 -0400
Oh praise Wynne from whom all blessings flow!
commented 2016-09-14 19:04:23 -0400
Keep the small change Wynn – Hydro costs in Ontario are 80% higher than Quebec. It’s a disgrace, It’s killing jobs and it is entirety the result of utility mismanagement.
commented 2016-09-14 18:49:37 -0400
typo – sentence should have read: The scare tactics worked on the low info voters before and will again.
commented 2016-09-14 18:30:54 -0400
“Unfortunately you are probably right about the brain dead Ontarians voting the dyke back in.”

Al, you are off the mark there. It was the public sector (third party interference) that got Wynnie re-elected. Ontarians are mostly sheeple, too busy grazing to get informed. Remember the OPP scare ad, oops my bad, the union ad. Disappeared from all mainstream sites except YouTube which was by a cell phone. They tried to erase the fact that the OPP not just their union was involved in scare tactics.
The scare tactics worked on the low info voters.
commented 2016-09-14 18:22:21 -0400
Sean Penson commented
“This is a great move, and demonstrates the generosity the government has with its money. …”

No government has its own money you idiot boy. The money they play with is our money (taxes we pay). When they need more they simply raise taxes and invent new fees.

Do you have a life aside from being on this site near 24/7 or is your work (trolling) your passion as well as a means of earning money? If it’s your passion you definitely need to get a life.
commented 2016-09-14 18:13:33 -0400
Sean, you misspoke. I think you meant to say “this.. demonstrates the parsimony of the government with our money”.

Unfortunately you are probably right about the brain dead Ontarians voting the dyke back in.
commented 2016-09-14 18:06:47 -0400
This is a great move, and demonstrates the generosity the government has with its money.

The Wynne Liberals are guaranteed to get massively reelected next time!
commented 2016-09-14 18:04:23 -0400
Oh how benevolent ,oh great liberal leader. You deem us worthy to keep a few bucks so we can put it towards your carbon tax. We are not worthy. We are not worthy.
commented 2016-09-14 17:59:41 -0400
This demon possessed piece of shit needs to get hit by a bus
commented 2016-09-14 17:47:15 -0400
Of course rural voters will suffer the most. Liberal voters are primarily urbanites. Let those cursed Tories freeze in the dark.
commented 2016-09-14 17:42:23 -0400
Really, power rates are rising at an astronomical pace and Wynne offers to rebate the provincial portion of the HST? How pathetic is that?
If Patrick Brown wasn’t so pathetic, I would say she doesn’t have a chance next time round.