May 05, 2016

Yazidi activists ask why Trudeau’s Liberals won’t call atrocities “genocide”

Brian LilleyArchive

People around the world have been grappling with genocide in Iraq and Syria but here in Canada, our government has so far refused to act. Majed El Shafie of One Free World International (OFWI) and Yazidi human rights activist, Dalal Abdullah, came to Ottawa recently to ask the Trudeau government to formally declare the atrocities genocide. 

And they want more than just words, they want action.

I sat down with both of them to find out more about what kind of actions OFWI are involved with like saving Yazidi sex slaves from ISIS and encouraging the Canadian government to take in more persecuted Yazidi refugees. Dalal also opens up about her own experience escaping Kurdistan and explains why Yazidis need more support from the Canadian government for both their physical and mental health.

You can help too whether it’s with donations or by putting pressure on your own MP to act. Visit for more information.

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commented 2016-05-08 19:25:40 -0400
They deliberately brought in the crap (not the photo ops of course) and left the good people to suffer.
commented 2016-05-05 23:54:24 -0400
Two great Canadians running another under ground rail road buying slaves and getting them to freedom 150 years after Canadians did it the first time and PM zoolander turns his back DISCUSTING man he is
commented 2016-05-05 18:56:56 -0400
there is a day fast approaching when junior trudeau and his cabal of cowards hiding in the shadows are going to have to stand and take responsibility for their disgusting choice to play politics while the lives of the innocent are being destroyed by the Islamic human garbage.
commented 2016-05-05 17:46:48 -0400
The latest poll showed that 65% of muslims vote Liberal. Do you think Junior is going to mess with that for a few Zazidis? After all he has spent a lot of our money to get those precious votes.
commented 2016-05-05 17:26:46 -0400
The islamic prime minister and his close islamic advisors do not want to allow any non-islamics into Canadallah

They disgust me – someday the islamic pm of Canadallah will go down in history as a truly evil person
commented 2016-05-05 17:19:59 -0400
What do you expect from a feminist PM.
commented 2016-05-05 17:08:34 -0400
@keith Barnes….no….he has taken the conversion prayer in the presence of two witnesses and he is paying the dhimmi tax….but he just might find the supervision of his conversion by the Sharia police to be a bit overbearing and cramp his style.
commented 2016-05-05 15:53:18 -0400
Trudeau is only interested in importing his inbred friends, the ones that enjoy killing and raping children. Canada must die quickly and Jews and Christians must die violently, the more to satisfy the Muslim Blood Lust.

Trudeau is so stupid, he dose not realism that these same savages will, in the end, Barbecue Him and his Family, also.
commented 2016-05-05 15:45:36 -0400
The INCDOOGE pm imam was already starting to yell ABSOLUTELY NOT ! Be fore the reporter finished the question, what does that tell you -- premeditated Sunni ways
commented 2016-05-05 14:55:14 -0400
United States has let in thousands of Wahhabis and only 4 non Muslims from the ME, do you know that Hussain Obama is sneaking them in on fed ex planes in the dark of night, with no interference from the border agencies. Is it possible that this is happening in this country?
commented 2016-05-05 14:41:20 -0400
The entire LPC cabinet seem absolutely clueless as to what is going on in the ME, or they are deliberately turning a blind eye.

Seriously, what bloody excuse does Sajjan have for even attempting to follow the narrative this all has something to do with Climate Change, which in and of itself is bullshit!

We are either being led around by a bunch of idiots or criminals and no one in the right places seems to care…
commented 2016-05-05 14:38:16 -0400
Watching this, I saw Trudeau’s infamous “Absolutely Not” video play in my head, over and over and over.
That’s a sad excuse for a Prime Minister. Embarrassing, absolutely disgusting.