January 16, 2019

Yellow Vest convoy to Ottawa organizer sets the record straight (Guest: Glen Carritt)

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show


Canada Action has officially canceled their convoy to Ottawa but the mission to bring Alberta's concerns to Justin Trudeau's doorstep, is far from over.

According to a Canada Action press release “unfortunately, we have come to the decision that it is no longer viable to proceed with our planned convoy. We cannot confidently mitigate the unexpected challenges associated with this event. As such, we will be issuing full refunds to all of our donors.”

But, the Yellow Vest convoy is still going ahead.

They have truckers willing to participate, they’re raising cash to get them there, and a lot of people are involved.

These two convoys - both scheduled to leave the same day - were often painted as duelling convoys from competing movements. Canada Action and Rally for Resources have both been explicitly anti-Yellow Vest convoy from the beginning, disassociating themselves from the other movement.

According to the Calgary Herald, Cody Battershill from Canada Action said “if they are yellow vest, we will not be doing anything with them and I’ve made that clear to them” and “For us, yellow vest is from France — we are Canadian, we are focused on Canadian families… In France, they were rioting and that’s not Canadian, either.”

The Yellow Vest movement is portrayed as controversial, but that’s what happens with an organic movement that doesn't have a manifesto defining the motives and goals of the people behind it. The lack of defined goals and motives leaves a vacuum where one’s enemies can fill in the blanks.

I’ve been one of the few people to wade into the Yellow Vest protests and convoys to directly ask attendees for their opinions at events across the province, and have found them to be diverse, colourful and frustrated and while there maybe be fringe elements attaching themselves to the movement, that shouldn’t taint the whole group.

Last week Bernard Hancock joined me on the show to talk about oil and gas issues. He doesn’t like the Yellow Vests and told me why. Fair enough.

So this week, I’m joined by the main organizer of the Yellow Vest convoy to Ottawa. Glen Carritt is a small businessman from central Alberta who’s just trying to make it in a bad economy, and he’s here to answer some tough questions about the allegations of racism, xenophobia and hatred levelled against him.

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commented 2019-02-13 15:00:45 -0500
Glen Carritt is leading this Yellow Vest Convoy to Ottawa down the garden path. He has made organizational decisions to have the truckers park in Armprior and ride the bus to Parliament Hill where a group of Antifa wait to rumble with the truckers. There is no reason why the trucks cannot roll right into Ottawa in front Parliament Hill. This is a truck route Highway 17 which forms part of the TransCanada Highway. This was the original plan and Glen has done his best to dummy things down. If the trucks do not go directly into Ottawa we are only going to hear about the clash between Antifa and yellow vests on the Hill leaving the public with the impression that yellow vests are racist and violent. THE YELLOW VEST MESSAGE WILL BE LOST.
commented 2019-01-25 15:09:52 -0500
commented 2019-01-17 14:24:51 -0500
Strength in numbers,the two groups should work together for the greater good. Let the comments of being racist and all that crap run off your backsides that what they are trying to do to divide your groups,you are taking their bait!! The time for being nice is over and for goodness learn how to protest!!!Get Angry!!
commented 2019-01-17 13:01:18 -0500
Just scream “HATE” at anyone who opposes you, accuse them of being “racist, sexist, blah, blah, blah” & hope they go away. I wonder if this even works anymore on anyone (outside the far left asylum)? Yellow vests have become a symbol of resistance to globalist tyranny. Wear it, don’t wear it, just start fighting this while we still can. Antifa are the brown shirts – actions say it all.
commented 2019-01-17 11:27:31 -0500
“allegations of racism, xenophobia and hatred”

The usual insults and name calling used by the left when they have nothing of substance to support their agenda.
commented 2019-01-17 09:59:14 -0500
Hats of to Glen Caritt for organizing this movement!
commented 2019-01-17 08:59:41 -0500
The vast majority of yellow vest protesters in France are peaceful. Yes, there are fringe elements that are causing trouble but, most people that are following things there believe that the violence is being created to discredit the movement, with the MSM being complicit by only reporting the violence. To say that the yellow vests in France don’t have defined goals shows that someone hasn’t done enough research. One of the main goals is fair taxation, with the rich in France paying their fair share, instead of the middle class and poor footing the bill for everything. Immigration is another one, along with having national referendums on important matters, giving the people a say in matters important to the French people. Getting rid of Macron and his globalist cronies. Their demands aren’t radical or unreasonable, unless you are a globalist parasite, sucking the life out of the middle class and poor for your own enrichment. One of the interesting things that has happened in France is that the level of frustration has brought people from the left and right together in a common cause. The things that they are protesting against effect everyone. If you follow the protests in France you’ll notice that the biggest ones happen on the weekends. That alone should tell you who the vast majority of protesters are.
commented 2019-01-17 08:46:46 -0500
GRANT BROWN commented 9 hours ago.
Canadians should know that the yellow vest movement in France is only violent, sometimes………………………….

In France they are experienced at Revolutions, right now they are just trying to sense the mood of the people, if the see positive reactions they will act accordingly. NWO Macron is running scared and over reacting, hence Police armed with Assault Rifles.

‘Can you hear the people sing’.
commented 2019-01-17 01:16:33 -0500
It was stated on Facebook that the Canadian CEO was directed to monitor Canadian comments due to the Yellow Vest movement ‘guilty’ of issuing threats. Someone is nervous.
commented 2019-01-17 00:36:42 -0500
Good stuff, this group is being badly and wrongly maligned. I think the ‘other’ group have done themselves a disservice by cancelling. Its not good optics for the ones who cancelled and really it reflects on all of us. It seems needless to me, but Bernard seemed pretty clear that he wanted it to be about pipelines and nothing else. Its all intertwined for most Canadians, even most in the oil patch I would wager.
commented 2019-01-16 23:48:21 -0500
Canadians should know that the yellow vest movement in France is only violent, sometimes, in Paris. In Rural France, it is entirely peaceful, and even the police display yellow vests on their dashboards to indicate their support.
commented 2019-01-16 23:29:18 -0500
Dirk.. I’m with you.. but in my opinion.. Trudeau out first… Then let it happen captain…
commented 2019-01-16 23:09:16 -0500
“In France, they were rioting and that’s not Canadian.”

It’s clear, Canadians are pussies
commented 2019-01-16 22:47:13 -0500
In France and the UK Yellow Vests are met with squads of police with Assault Rifles. Nobody has been shot in the UK but in France they have. Single shots, aimed, not bursts.
commented 2019-01-16 22:13:58 -0500
Brandon Rode , LMAO 😂
commented 2019-01-16 22:06:13 -0500
Thanks Sheila for giving Glen Carritt a voice. As he says they represent peaceful, hard-working Canadians who feel they are nit listened to.

I think the folks at Canada Action et al had there noses out of joint because they wanted all the attention. Good that Yellow Vest cane sling as with Canada Action dropping out we still have a convoy.
commented 2019-01-16 21:41:46 -0500
20 years from now we will find out that vape juice or soy milk caused a mass mental illness called liberalism
commented 2019-01-16 21:39:26 -0500
I agree with the need to have a crystal clear of why we/you are here at this rally/protest.. Too many creeps out there will try to sabotage a legitimate peaceful rally/protest.
commented 2019-01-16 21:26:02 -0500
Is there something wrong with the website? The video keeps repeating itself over and over. Then, without notice, another page appears.
commented 2019-01-16 21:21:50 -0500