December 02, 2018

Yesteryear’s inter-racial Star Trek kiss would be a DOUBLE #MeToo moment today

David MenziesMission Specialist

One great thing about the science-fiction genre is that it’s often a few years or even decades ahead of the curve in terms of societal changes, as was the case in the late ’60s when a quirky TV show called Star Trek featured the Caucasian Capt. James T. Kirk kissing the Black Lt. Nyota Uhura in an episode called, “Plato’s Stepchildren.”

Behind the scenes, there was much fretting by uptight NBC executives about how this particular scene might play south of the Mason-Dixon line, but fortunately their worries were all for naught.

There was no outcry when the episode aired. NBC wasn’t deluged by angry, racist letters. American society in 1968 had clearly moved on.

But, one can’t help but wonder whether today’s perpetually-offended social justice warriors would view this iconic scene in a positive fashion.

After all, the premise of the scene was that Kirk and Uhura were not in control of their faculties during this smooch session, so doesn’t this kiss make for a double-MeToo moment, given that it was non-consensual on the behalf of both parties?

And given Kirk was the captain and Uhura was the lieutenant, is this not a workplace etiquette violation with the boss taking advantage of a subordinate?

Who knows what today’s outrage mob will say but for the rest of us normal, reasonable, non-triggered people – the 50th anniversary of the first interracial kiss on American network TV is indeed something to celebrate.

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commented 2018-12-04 13:34:09 -0500
Star Trek was about a more positive future – the opposite of what the left delivers.
commented 2018-12-03 15:56:07 -0500
Do like both performers, they have a wonderful joie de vivre as encountered at conventions. Gladly they were part of changing attitudes positively towards interracial couples. Maybe that’s why these two trekkers are still alive today?
Off topic, Menzies could do a story about the m.i.a Kevin J Johnston of freedomreport? Is that going out of this world?
commented 2018-12-02 23:59:35 -0500
Ahh, this whole issue of “I didn’t want to but wanted to” forbidden fruit business.
Nature is not fair. It never was. Don’t take a shark to court for eating a dolphin.
But there is some physical responses to attraction you can’t hide but control. That’s why this kiss was horrible because it was about lack of control. Not because of who kissed.
There is a reason why there are sexual laws around morality; such as infidelity or rape. Both equal to a catastophic reaction. Its to preserve the peace and have some decorum around our impulses. A higher plain of conduct for the betterment of all.
commented 2018-12-02 19:48:37 -0500
I loved the “Drill Thralls”, one of which Kirk kissed, in the Episode the “Gamesters of Triskilion”. One of my all time favourites!
commented 2018-12-02 18:48:44 -0500
Just as a point of interest, in that particular episode Enterprise encountered a space anomaly that was an intoxicant similar to alcohol. This actually exists, there is a big cloud of alcohol floating around in space.

In Sanskrit the word “amrita” means “water of life” or “alcohol”.

In the Rg Veda and other Sanskrit sources the Genesis story contains the line “And the spirit of God floated upon the Sea of Amrita”.
commented 2018-12-02 18:13:33 -0500
God love you David. We can always depend on you for a chuckle!
The most offensive thing about that program is that it was 50 years ago and it only feels like yesterday!