May 13, 2015

You'll shoot your eye out, Canadians! Now progressives want BB guns classed as firearms

Brian LilleyArchive

A recent appeals court ruling declared that BB guns and Air Soft rifles need to be treated like real firearms.

I talked to Conservative Manitoba MP Robert Sopuck about his new private members bill, aiming to restore some common sense to this matter.

You won't believe the number of progressive MPs who oppose it.


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commented 2015-05-15 08:33:02 -0400
Wow ! … maybe we need to start wearing helmets in our cars…and safety vests in the shower…you simply cannot legislate COMMON SENSE!
commented 2015-05-15 00:03:16 -0400
What about the gene pool for cryin out loud. We are bringing up a generation of scardy cats.

I have bear bangers. They are not meant to be aimed at anything, but if you did they would make a hole. You could say I live outside of town, and would be able to defend myself if necessary. This is Canada, and unless you live in the city , some form of protection has always been and always will be a necessity. Living in the city, pepper spray would be the bare minimum.

We don’t need the gov’t checking to make sure our bb’s are kept in a different place from the gun. Is that what I pay my taxes for? Gov’t is clearly too big.
commented 2015-05-14 10:43:33 -0400
Bill, it’s not simply sneering lefty politicians this time. The Supreme Court ( not surprisingly) ruled this way. The courts are really taking the initiative to mold canada into an image that pleases them.
It proceeds in this order: 1)These dictatorial eloi see a case that they believe can be used to shift the law in a direction they approve of. 2)They decide whether they will hear the case. Cases they believe cannot be used to manipulate the law are not heard (big shocker right?). 3)Then they make their decision. 4)THEN they hear the facts of the case. 5)Then they carefully cherry pick which facts and case law they will consider to justify the decision they made.

Lefty politicians are to blame as well because they are boot licking sycophants of an absurdly biased left wing judiciary but the big mover this time is the SCOC.

My advice? If you want a gun, go to a rural working class bar near an Indian reserve on a saturday night and find a table full of native fellows and buy a couple of rounds for the table and start up a conversation about guns. You’ll have whatever gun you want quite soon with no paper work and the useless cops and blustering pompous judges can go screw themselves.
commented 2015-05-14 09:14:53 -0400
The definition of a “firearm” is clearly defined in the firearms act and it is an appropriate designation as can be expected without the criminal law incarcerating children and others for harmless toys. – bb guns and most air soft toys don’t qualify due to demonstrated non lethal velocity. Pellet guns over 500feet per sec. are already classed as guns – so what really is the flap here?

The fact police have recently been harassing kids and young people with bb guns and air soft guns through a dubious and arbitrary reinterpretation of the firearms act is indicative of how dangerously politicized and abusive the police function has become (deep reform is due there). The police brass are in on a partisan agenda to abuse the gun laws in place to harass and wear down gun ownership by attrition. Why? Because obviously banning some guns is just not good enough. Restricting bad guns and outlawing them is just not good enough. The police state wants ALL your guns, and they (in collusion with unsavory leftist politicians) set an agenda to get them incrementally through dozens of minor petty infractions which all result in confiscation.

This incremental regulatory creep is known as boiling the frog – turning the heat up slowly so as not to alarm the fool in the pot as the water slowly comes to boiling point. They (statists) want a monopoly of firearms possession in the hands of state actors only – guns are not for the plebs – just the Praetorian Guard and the political elite. I personally believe that anyone who wants to ban you from peacefully owning a firearm really wants to ban armed self defense. I also believe (as history records) that the reason they want the public disarmed is so they can do things to/with us they could not do if we were armed and had a means to resist state sponsored tyranny. At the heart of every gun grabber beats the black shrivelled heart of a fascist. The history of gun control is rooted in a power elite removing the means of revolt from the oppressed underclass – so it was in the US and Canada where fear of minority group backlash to inequality instituted the first gun control laws and bans – Orientals and blacks were denied the possession of firearms –it took a couple of hundred years for this elitist paranoia to spread to all segments of the public. It’s sold as public safety but the root cause and effect is malevolent statist elitism and contempt for civil liberty.

The fact we still have sneering lefty politicians trying to ban toy lookalike guns tells us the public backlash to abusive and gratuitous regulating of the last decade has not been received by these repulsive BB-gun grabbing psychos that Canadians are tired of the flim flam over blaming the legitimate sports shooter for the crimes of gangsters who the left coddles like children. We are done being scape-goated by inept lawmakers and bullied by the enforcers for their inability to deliver the unattainable crime free utopia by creating a police state. We are sick of the dishonest narratives and the accusatory tone where public firearms ownership is concerned. This is NOT Cuba or any other police state – it’s Canada and our government has no need to feer the public like the tyrants in these other communist backwaters – or do they? What do they have planned for us that makes them so psychotically fearful of a peaceful citizen with even a BB-gun?

Canadians have obeyed their LAST unreasonable and abusive gun law – any more of this dangerous frivolous police state legislating and there is bound to be civil backlash in which the public trust in police and government hits a low ebb. If you want to survive in politics or keep your administrative sinecure, stop bullying lawful firearms owners and go to work taking criminals off the street. The days of Orwellian pre-crime legislating are OVER!!
commented 2015-05-14 08:10:43 -0400
Wow! Joan Abernethy, that is some great post about defending one’s self (seriously). I applaud you. It’s not often you hear a woman speak that way about self defense or firearms. Sounds good.

Please allow me to apologize for my boorish and rude comments to you a few days ago. I had a mistaken idea of your frame of mind.

I bought my wife a pocket pepper spray to kick in the car. She protested, telling me she could get arrested if she used it. I told her her safety was more important than any whim of some dumbassed politician or judge. I also told her use the pepper spray. Get out of there and leave it at that. Don’t call the police, They’ll just turn on you. And it’s likely the assailant won’t call the police for the same reason. By causing him pain and preventing the attack you’ve already accomplished more than the police and courts ever will.
commented 2015-05-14 00:15:29 -0400
Progressives don’t want or have time for fun. Why? Because as children they were beat up for their lunch money and as adults are too busy trying to exact retroactive justice for their pathetic lives.
commented 2015-05-13 23:42:50 -0400
Mark Borzel – I keep a good heavy metal-cased flashlight by the door … just in case it gets dark.
commented 2015-05-13 23:39:39 -0400
It is also illegal to use pepper spray to defend yourself except against an animal attack. Stupid. If I owned a nice Colt Defender, maybe I’d just keep it, loaded (and locked) by my bed for those late night intruders. No need to say, hey, Mr Robber Sadist, just give me a couple of minutes to unlock my bb, get my pellets from my other lock up in another room, load it, then come back and defend myself against you. Like criminals lock up their weapons.

The lady at Canadian Tire told me gangs use pepper spray now when they break into your home in order to incapacitate you while they rob you literally blind.

Sure would like to be able to legally defend myself.
commented 2015-05-13 21:59:08 -0400
Just checked. It was the SCC. Wow. big “surprise”. Really, has there been ANY SCC decision in the last 5 years that has not been completely predictable?
Nine ivory tower assholes who get together looking for opportunities to impose their will upon canadians.
commented 2015-05-13 21:04:48 -0400
So what was the name of the idiot judge who made this ruling? It’s stupid. Just because the judge is a pampered, urban coward who is terrified of anything that even resembles a gun doesn’t mean everyone else is as weak. Rebel media needs to state the NAME! of the judge. When these pompous, elitist morons are publicly held accountable for their stupidity and shamed for it maybe then they will start to include some common sense into their rulings.

Mind you when the Liberals (or NDP) eventually gain power in this country or the judges finally drop all pretext of respecting elected officials and start complete rule from the bench, I’ll tell you what I am going to do.

When that happens fire arm laws will get ridiculous. I’m buying some home metal working equipment: CNC Lathe, mill, welder ect and going into the gunsmithing/manufacturing business. It will be quite lucrative.
commented 2015-05-13 20:00:21 -0400
“Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good
of its victim may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live
under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies.
The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may
at some point be satiated, but those who torment us for our own good
will torment us without end for they do so with the approval
of their own conscience.”
C.S Lewis
commented 2015-05-13 19:03:00 -0400
maybe we could get Justy on board if we change the name of the bill to “late term abortion”
commented 2015-05-13 18:23:14 -0400
alex….i find it ironic that immediately after your link is a bbc doc about orwell… i guess that the bbc didnt know that orwells big brother was the bbc..
commented 2015-05-13 17:53:16 -0400
This is all to disarm the public, and leave all the “power” in the hands of the police, the military, and other “elites”. Problem: anything can be used as a weapon. Ban guns? Okay, we can use knives. Ban knives? Baseball bats, axe handles, broomsticks. Ban those? —how do you think martial arts got their start in the first place? Tai Chi was developed as a slow-motion style of martial arts, but was “sold” to the occupiers as a national dance (the occupiers bought/believed it). At full speed, Tai Chi is nearly indefensible. Anything can be used as a weapon, with enough ingenuity. (Anyone for banning brooms and mops?)
commented 2015-05-13 17:45:42 -0400
It’s a common sense bill, so much for the ndp and libs never met one with any and its getting worse.
commented 2015-05-13 16:30:15 -0400
Just a thought. Each year in the United States 30,000 people are treated in emergency rooms with BB gun and pellet gun related injuries. 95% of these were actual shootings. So maybe Greig is correct, we all have the “stupid gene” inbred.
commented 2015-05-13 16:17:48 -0400
i hope no one mentions the slingshots that are freely available….that will really boggle their minds.
commented 2015-05-13 16:14:36 -0400
There are lots of people out there who do not realize that the Crosman BB gun they bought at Canadian Tire back before the gun non-sense legislation could get them five or six felony charges if found by the police….ignorance of the law is not a defence….this private members bill must pass, the Liberals and the NDP CANNOT be trusted with the degree of power they demand.
commented 2015-05-13 15:37:04 -0400
What progressives really want is to make it so onerous for anyone to own and operate a BB gun or air rifle. This way children who primarily use them will not develop an affinity for using weapons of any kind and will not buy/use them when they get older. This is their attempt to influence young minds and prevent them in developing an interest. Air rifles are a kind of training ground / first exposure to rifle-like weapons for most youths. Take that exposure away by making it to difficult and it’s likely the later interest in real rifles/guns will not develop.
commented 2015-05-13 15:36:31 -0400
Clearly the NDP member was to stupid to handle a pellet gun as a kid and his parents were to stupid to teach him how to handle a pellet gun, and likely his kids are to stupid to handle a pellet gun or air rifle. More proof that generations of NDP and Liberals breed the stupid gene.
commented 2015-05-13 15:01:15 -0400
ISIS must be having a good laugh hearing this one.
commented 2015-05-13 14:57:28 -0400
Ban knives and forks too. Ban my swiss army pocket knife.
MOAR big fat blotus gubermint judges creating MOAR make work.

What do you call a lawyer with an IQ of 25? A liberal judge!!!!!
commented 2015-05-13 14:10:03 -0400
The nannies need to be corralled and put in work camps, since they can’t seem to mind their own business. We the adults, are in control and are capable of rational thought, and behaviour, even when we have guns in our hands. These nannies constantly need to be slapped down for sticking their noses in where they aren’t welcome . What is with these socialist babies?
commented 2015-05-13 14:09:05 -0400
It seems that these leftist losers have nothing better to do with their time than to try to run everyone’s life by their own substandard standards. We have the remember that the goal of the left-wing Nanny State mentality is to reduce everything and everyone to the lowest common denominator – which means bringing everything and everyone down to their meagre level of intellect! The problem is that our society today has become so inept and victimized by such attitudes and educational processes propagated by such incompetents who strain their minds to dream up what will be their next crusade – perhaps knives and forks (maybe even spoons) should only be allowed following special training and licensing by the Nanny State to the use of such dangerous items!
commented 2015-05-13 13:49:01 -0400
What’s next? Paint spray guns? Idiocy. Socialists just want to micro-manage everyone’s life. As a kid, a friend had a BB gun we used to practice with from time to time as we could afford the pellets. We knew the rules about its operation. Nobody ever got hurt!