March 05, 2018

Be the first to see The Rebel's NEW documentary “Save the Christians” in Toronto on March 8!

Rebel Staff


I’m so excited to announce that it’s finally time to show you our documentary called Save the Christians!

Last July, me and a team travelled to northern Iraq to tell the stories of what’s happening to Christians in Iraq.

They’re the oldest Christian community in the world, but they were driven out of their homes by the Islamic State.

I want to invite you to our premiere of our documentary, Save The Christians, in Toronto on March 8. Will you come?

We will show you the real stories of Christians in Iraq. Like the newly married couple who are expecting their first child. They escaped together but they’re still living in an internally displaced persons camp. We heard from so many Iraqi Christians with similar stories. We saw churches and homes that were torched and destroyed. 

Have you heard about the plight of Christians in Iraq from other media? I bet you haven’t. 

Tickets for the premiere screening are $29.95 plus tax and a special rate for students of $14.95 plus tax.

Plus we are having a special reception after the screening where you can chat with me and the filmmakers. Those VIP tickets are $74.95 plus tax.

All the information is at

This is an important story to share. I hope you can make it!

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