February 26, 2015

"You won't believe what my kids just learned on a field trip!"

Brian LilleyArchive

I took a day off (kind of) to go on a field trip with my kids. You won't believe what they were told....

Also on my new podcast:

The NDP supports sharia practices over Canadian tradition.

PLUS: Net neutrality, what is it and why you should be worried about what Obama is doing, and John Robson's Magna Carta documentary -- an update.

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commented 2015-02-27 15:53:45 -0500
can someone at Therebel.media tell Brian that those musical interludes are unnecessary and kind of annoying? i like a good rock song as much as the next guy, but i’d rather get more content! this isn’t radio, you don’t need to take a commercial break when you have no commercials! also is it just me or is the sound quality not as good as the videos? maybe he needs one of those new microphones we Rebels just bought him! lol!
commented 2015-02-26 20:27:42 -0500
The NDP would sell their congealed souls to be loved by Islamic Sharia pushing extremists. Hey, ah Thomas. So you are ah, kinda for encasing Females head to toe in black robes in 90*F heat waves? No war on women on that stuff huh, or arranging a marriage of 12 year old girl to a 30 year old New Import Muslim man from the Middle East. Gotta have anchor babies. How about Thomas the same conditions of friction Europe is having now with islamic ghettos? Naw, not a problem. It’s perfectly normal not to assimilate with the host country. heck, you don’t have to join with the host. Nope. Exploit ever dollar you can, even break all the host countries laws about polygamous marriages. You can have Sharia Law, even though Canada’s legal system works perfectly well between person.
Oh yeah, Thomas, tell me again about the 21 Christian men recently beheaded on a beach by Islamic extremists. You know why they were killed Thomas, Sharia Law. And the newest story, 90 plus Syrian Chrisitans kidnapped. No idea where they were taken. But it has been told Thomas, the girls are sold to SLAVERY Thomas.
Maybe the NDP have a new Doubting Thomas.
commented 2015-02-26 18:39:37 -0500
Done and Done. Thank you Peter.
commented 2015-02-26 18:02:32 -0500
Scott, you can go here
and select what you would like to contribute to. You will be taken to a PayPal page.
commented 2015-02-26 17:15:20 -0500
Sorry, Ezra, not Ezera.
commented 2015-02-26 17:11:41 -0500
I posted this question yesterday with Ezera… Is there another option for donating outside of mailing cheques? PayPal for instance? Other?

Thanks for what everyone associated with The Rebel is doing.
commented 2015-02-26 15:16:42 -0500
Does Islam require women to cover themselves?

Summary Answer:
Yes. There is some disagreement as to whether the face should be veiled, but almost all scholars agree that a woman’s hair should be covered. The covering of cloth is supposed to keep the sexual appetites of passing men at bay when women travel outside the home. This could evensave a woman’s life, since she is usually assumed to bear the responsibility of unlawful sexual encounters.