February 27, 2017

Young Conservative Canadian Voters’ Opinion: “Who will you support?”

Rebel Staff

Last weekend, I talked to young people at the Manning Centre Networking Conference, asking them about the Conservative Party of Canada leadership race.

Who do they think will win? Who do they support? Who do they least support?

(Also, I'll give you my own answers to those questions.)

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commented 2017-02-28 17:23:00 -0500
Robert Seagraves,

I agree with you, but oddly enough there are people who think Leitch isn’t extreme at all and they should ALL be like her.

There is no way that Canada will vote for her, but they don’t get that and use Trump as an example. The difference is that Trump had support. Leitch doesn’t and she is getting mocked.
commented 2017-02-28 16:32:03 -0500
Have to go with Mad Max Bernier. Let’s face it, without Quebec, the Cons will not win and he will win Quebec. The best candidate is the one who will beat Trudeau. Leitch is too extreme and snooty and O’Leary is too inexperienced for enough people to vote for them, not to mention all their baggage. Bernier checks-off all the boxes, plus the West really likes him. If we want to stop the madness and return our country to our former glory, Mad Max is the man. Plus I love saying or writing Mad Max.
commented 2017-02-28 13:09:29 -0500
Wow – what a screwed up video. She will not connect with Canadians.

Conservative leadership hopeful Kellie Leitch has released a new video about her immigration policy. But Canadians on social media seem less interested in her message and more interested in her, uh, delivery.

“Everywhere I go, I hear the same message,” Leitch says in the video, posted on Saturday. “Canadians are proud of their country. And they are proud of their unified Canadian identity.”

Nothing unusual about that.

But the eight-minute speech is littered with dramatic pauses and unconventional editing. And Twitter is having a riot.

commented 2017-02-28 12:45:02 -0500

That may be true about Chong, but Leitch is on a whole other level of scary.
commented 2017-02-28 12:20:44 -0500

Kevin OLeary is a leftist trying to Infilterate and Pollute our Party – plus, anyone that the Lame Stream Media ( CBC / CTV / GLOBAL ) gets behind is DEFINATELY THE WRONG CHOICE!

The Leftist IDEOLOGICAL CANCER plaguing our Country has got to go!
commented 2017-02-28 11:57:20 -0500
Brad Trost all the way.
Down with Kevin O’Leary.
commented 2017-02-28 09:58:49 -0500

Yeah , that gap between Hong Kong chong and KELLIE LEITCH , I don’t get either
commented 2017-02-28 04:05:44 -0500
I am glad to see that so many conservatives feel that the leadership of this party should not be an exercise in widget marketing. The BIGGEST problem in politics today is the media and the role it plays in dominating the narrative and stiffling dissent.

I think Canada would have a great future if O’Leary were leader of the Liberal Party. At least there would be two party choices with sane economic platforms. But O’Leary just doesn’t have the hair for it.
commented 2017-02-28 04:04:31 -0500
I am surprised none of these young conservatives chose Chong as the one they would NOT want to see win. They have way more to be afraid of with Chong than Kellie. He will cross the floor to where he really belongs when he loses. Classic CINO, and a snotty one at that.
I think Scheer or Bernier could pull it off. Not sure about any others being able to.
commented 2017-02-28 00:56:17 -0500
Daryl Herman,

Kelly Leitch will not win. She doesn’t have the needed support.
commented 2017-02-28 00:49:07 -0500
Just like all the anti-Trump dick-wads -there seems to be a disconnect with reality – small Kelly Leitch is gonna kick some serious “unserious” ass in this one! She may be small – but watch out all you feminist dick wads – hope you’re wearing your cup when Kellie starts the kickin!
commented 2017-02-28 00:48:16 -0500
What are you talking about? I just joined and noticed that my profile was listed as anonymous, so I edited it with my real name and posted again a minute later. I don’t want to be anonymous.
commented 2017-02-28 00:04:24 -0500
Looks like "anonymous " outed himself as Jack Coverdale. Just another butthurt Liberal loser.

TRUMP Trumps Morons!!!!!
commented 2017-02-27 20:58:48 -0500
Elton Braun,

What is a real conservative? Do you have to be socially conservative on every issue?
commented 2017-02-27 20:54:03 -0500
Nice to see so many people turned off by Kelly Leitch.
commented 2017-02-27 20:48:43 -0500
Nice to see so many people turned off by Kelly Leitch.
commented 2017-02-27 20:48:17 -0500
O’Leary and Chong are both out for me. Neither are real conservatives and neither are their supporters.
commented 2017-02-27 20:38:24 -0500
1.Trost 2.Bernier 3.Scheer
commented 2017-02-27 19:00:18 -0500
Andrew Scheer!!!