Your Perks

Rebel Staff

Thank you so much for donating to the Rebel. You've earned perks!


Exclusive Graphic

Click here to download in full HD resolution.


Screen Saver

Screen savers are a fun way to show your support for The Rebel. Our producer, Martin, made two great Rebel screen savers for you to choose from. Find the screen saver to match your monitor resolution below.


Desktop Wallpaper

To our donors we are offering special Rebel desktop wallpaper.

To make the image your desktop background:

  1. Find out what resolution your computer monitor is set to by pressing the Windows button on the bottom left of your monitor - go to Control Panel, Appearance and Personalization, Display, Screen Resolution. You should see your current resolution listed (remember this number).
  2. Click on The Rebel image file below that best fits your resolution setting.  
  3. Drag the image onto your desktop
  4. Right Click on the file on your desktop it and choose 'Set as Desktop Background'
You can also use these images as your profile photo on Facebook or Twitter to show your support for!
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