February 24, 2018

Zuhdi Jasser at #CPAC2018: When a “leftist” like “Trudeau marches in a gay parade, wearing Islamic socks, it doesn't make sense”

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

At CPAC, I had an enlightening conversation with Dr. Zuhdi Jasser of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy.

Since 9/11, he and his Muslim colleagues like Raheel Raza have been calling on the West to fight its real enemy:

Not "terrorism," but radical Islam itself.

He says he doesn't believe an Islamic "reformation" will happen in his lifetime, but that hasn't stopped him from campaigning against the power of what he calls "petro-Islam," whose great wealth funds extremism around the world.

Of course, I had to ask Dr. Jasser what he thinks of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau...

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commented 2018-02-25 11:41:32 -0500
I still don’t think Trudeau antics will make Andrew Scheer look any more attractive to the average Canadian in 2019.
commented 2018-02-25 11:40:21 -0500
AL PETERSON commented 2018-02-25 11:05:05 -0500
“…I pray for conversion which is happening if you know where to look for evidence. The Spirit is working.”
In regard to my comment below…I hadn’t considered that aspect…thank you.
commented 2018-02-25 11:13:33 -0500
Can’t utter
commented 2018-02-25 11:12:53 -0500
RON VOSS commented 2018-02-24 18:19:28 -0500
Ezra, if you think that the answer to “radical Islam” is “moderate Islam” why don’t you invite Robert Spencer and Pam Geller to give you their opinion on Muslim ‘reformers’ like Jasser?
Ron, first of all we have to dispense with the term “radical islam”. The proper term is orthodox islam. The only answer to orthodox islam is de-islamization. We can even utter the word in Canuckistan let alone have a hope of in implementing it. As Mark Steyn said, “the future belongs to islam”. And it belongs to islam (in the temporal term) because, in our spiritual blindness and torpor, we have abandoned it.
commented 2018-02-25 11:09:00 -0500
Let`s all vote PC and get rid of the Lieberals altogether, for good.!!!!

Then deport all the Muzzies.
commented 2018-02-25 11:05:05 -0500
People keep confusing reform and change. To reform something is to take it back to its original form. Islam is already there. Change means to make alterations so that something is not what it once was The satanic versus will never change. To change them would mean it would no longer be islam.

I pray for conversion which is happening if you know where to look for evidence. The Spirit is working.
commented 2018-02-25 11:01:19 -0500
VINCENT CASSINI commented 2018-02-25 02:00:37 -0500
While Trudeau was embarrassing, I don’t think Canadians will care in any meaningful way like not re-electing him.
James. if Trudeau was only embarrassing, I wouldn’t much care either. But his antics that cause embarrassment are an indication of his idiocy for any purpose. He isn’t qualified to run a lemonade stand. He is slowly causing division (diversity is our downfall) and running the country into the ground. But you are right. Canadians are stupid and they will quite possibly vote in the stupidest national leader the world has ever known again.
commented 2018-02-25 10:38:05 -0500
I think I’d like to see an effective solution to our Islam problem as much as anyone else – who’s actually aware that we have an Islam problem – there are some inherent difficulties though…
Even listening with hope to Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, I’m still sceptical. Syrian refugee – big warning lights and sirens go off! So he was born in theWest and spent 12 Years in the USN. OK, that puts him in some pretty good company, but there’s still TAQIYYA!
Islam will not change, it will not reform, it will only continue with it’s agenda of establishing a world-wide Caliphate, through Jihad, ruled by Sharia…there is nothing else for Moslems.
Does anybody really think you could ‘reform’ NAZIism, or communism, or fascism, or totalitarianism. No. The only effective solution for those anti-human nightmare regimes is eradication!
So it goes with Islam.
If we don’t eradicate Islam, Islam has promised to eradicate us. See the Koran…
I can’t imagine how it must feel for the Dr. Jasser’s of the West – if they are in fact true patriots – and no one believes them – because of TAQIYYA! That would be as bad as being innocent but charged with rape, or worse, child molestation…
But before we can proceed with any kind of effective solution to our Islam problem, the left have to be dealt with – shut down, or taken down, or…they have to go, and that includes all the embedded lefties and Liberals in the public service and the rest of the FIVE P’s! Can you say PURGE?
commented 2018-02-25 04:07:47 -0500
Yes, I am all about reality. That’s the point. I don’t think Trudeau has built a Mosque in his house and his children are praying to Allah.

I would love it if you lived in reality. You can be against his policies or his multicultural and inclusive views, but to even remotely suggest that he is Islam isn’t living in reality.

You are actually giving him too much credit intellectually.
commented 2018-02-25 03:43:24 -0500
So you read the article, but clearly didn’t properly comprehend it.

Thanks for coming out.
commented 2018-02-25 03:07:01 -0500
Vincent do you actually pay attention to reality? Justin is Islams bitch , what part of that eludes you when he proves it all the time?
commented 2018-02-25 03:06:03 -0500
Funny to see Vincent talk about party leaders when his party has a complete moron for leader, LMAO!
commented 2018-02-25 03:05:21 -0500
Vincent yeah sure many idiots will still vote for the moron, LIKE YOU, but many will not now, the world is seeing him for the clown that he is and the ignorant elitist that he is. And many Asians are mad and so are veterans. Just because you are a sheep doe snot mean others are. He did not win by that many votes last time and Quebec is pissed off as well. But keep on ignoring reality. He is hardly done being a moron.
commented 2018-02-25 03:02:51 -0500
Vincent yeah i did read it, and Hollywood would have been in the shitter without comic book movies. Marvel made their own studios for a reason. And did you miss the FACT they were offering discounts this summer? They lose money far too often because they are too narrow minded.
commented 2018-02-25 02:00:37 -0500
While Trudeau was embarrassing, I don’t think Canadians will care in any meaningful way like not re-electing him.
commented 2018-02-25 01:16:33 -0500
The CBC didn’t expect the following interview, and CBC reporter tried to steer the interview into making Trudeau look good, absolute fail!
Trudeau’s trip to India called ‘colossal failure’
commented 2018-02-25 00:30:26 -0500
Did you actually READ the Vanity Fair article that I was well aware of or was it just the headline that got you all excited?
commented 2018-02-24 21:13:40 -0500
Vincent the left is Islams bitch , maybe not you personally but as a whole they think they can use them as tools to gain control.
commented 2018-02-24 21:10:44 -0500
Vincent LMAO! Are you serious? His nose is buried so far up their asses that he can smell their livers.
Tell me which other religion is covered in m-103? Tell me why he sprung into action for the hijab hoax? Tell me why he did not want any other refugees except his terrorist buddies? Why no money for the families of those men murdered in the middle east but tons for Muslim men merely held captive? You are blind!
commented 2018-02-24 20:13:47 -0500
Zuhdi Jasser endorses pro-Sharia Islamic supremacist, says “no greater jihadists” than foes of jihad terror, by Robert Spencer, March 14, 2017:
Spencer, “Muslim reformers have had little to no influence on the Islamic community in the U.S. or around the world since 9/11, and isn’t likely to do so, given the nature of Islamic doctrine and jurisprudence, and so we cannot rely on them and don’t need them to validate our work.”

Muslim Reform Group Reached Out to 3,000 US Mosques, Got Only 40 Responses, by Stephen Kirby, February 24, 2017:
Kirby, “But I would like to save the MRM (Muslim Reform Movement, founded in December 2015 by Jasser among others) time and non-Muslims money. Instead of a new study on why the MRM has virtually no Muslim support, I will provide the answer: in terms of Islamic doctrine, the MRM declaration is blasphemous, and the MRM should not be surprised that over 99% of the larger Muslim community does not want to join in with that blasphemy.
It is only attention from the non-Muslim world that will enable the Muslim Reform Movement to remain on life-support, visible but irrelevant.”
commented 2018-02-24 20:03:35 -0500
The Zoolander Cuck Trudeau is too stupid to even realize how hypocritical he is……almost every ethnic group he’s busy butt kissing is anti gay and the Islamists he’s handing out cheques to want them dead ….what an unbelievable moron this idiot is.
commented 2018-02-24 18:19:28 -0500
Ezra, if you think that the answer to “radical Islam” is “moderate Islam” why don’t you invite Robert Spencer and Pam Geller to give you their opinion on Muslim ‘reformers’ like Jasser?
commented 2018-02-24 18:10:07 -0500
The answer to “radical Islam” is “moderate Islam” or “liberal Islam”?
Ezra, disappointing that you are promoting such a perspective. As the president of Turkey, Erdogan, has explained, “The Term ‘Moderate Islam’ Is Ugly And Offensive; There Is No Moderate Islam; Islam Is Islam”, that is, *no*modifiers and has been so for over 1400 years. Remember that the words of the Koran were supposed to have been dictated to Mohammad by Allah. Thus the Koran is believed to be the literal and perfect word of Allah. Accordingly, the text is said to be immutable (unchangeable), timeless, and thinking otherwise is a dangerous delusion.
commented 2018-02-24 18:01:48 -0500
commented 2018-02-24 17:37:22 -0500
Globalists are using Islamofacism and muslim immigration to destabilize the West and create division. Trudeau is a traitor and a disgrace; the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated Parliament with the aid of the LPC. Sikh extremists hold positions of power in the government and have long supported LPC.
commented 2018-02-24 17:26:35 -0500
Excellent interview. Keep trying, even though reformation appears to be impossible. I do agree reformists do need to come together and coordinate a better plan to counter fundamentalists who continue to fly under the radar. Report hateful Imams and mosques which are producing violent radicals. Stay safe!